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Independent experts nominated by country party

Marx Prestes Barbosa

First name
Last name
Prestes Barbosa
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
UN languages spoken




Job function
Telephone number
55 83 333 2355
Work experience
Advisory work and member of several projects emphasizing on Remote Sensing applied to Natural Resources and Disaster Study. Most are related to the Evaluation of the vulnerabilities of agriculture and environment to disasters. Studies, involving graduate students, were done on Soil Degradation (erosion and salinization), Paraiba; Water Resources for Human Supply and Irrigation; and Coastal Erosion. Coordinator of the IDRC Project in Brazil which focused on studies on drought and related social problems in Northeast Brazil.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Doctor in Minerology and Perology, University of Sao Paulo, 1988_x000D_
Post Doctorate, Remote Sensing, University of Manitoba, 1996
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Booth, T. (U. of Manitoba) and Barbosa. 1996. Ciudad en Riesgo: Degradacion Ambiental, Riesgos Urbanos y Desatres. Chapter: Lo Urbano, La Degradacion Amviental y Desastres, Una Cuestion Polemica: El Nor deste de Brasil. M.P. Book Published by LA RED. Lima, Peru._x000D_
2. Barbosa, M.P. and Silva neto, A.F. da. 1995. Las vulnerabilidades y Mitigaciones de la Region del Alto Sucuru: un pequeno relato. Desastres and Sociedad. Julio-Dezembro. No. 5, Ano. 3. ITDG. Lima, Peru._x000D_
3. Barbosa, M.P. and Singhoy, V.H. 1997. Radar-sat Image Applied to Study Coastal Erosion, as Natural Hazard in the Southern Region of the State of Paraiba, Brazil. International Symposium "Geomatics in the Era of Radarsat". May, Ottawa. Proceedings._x000D_
4. Barbosa, M.P. and Silva Neto, A.F. da. 1996. Uso da Terra e Recursos Hidicos na Bacia do Alto Rio sucuru com base em Imagens TM/Landsat-5. Estado da Paraiba, Brasil. Principia. Ano.1, no.2. Jul/Ago/Set. Joao Pessoa, PB, Brasil._x000D_
5. Barbosa,
Other activities
- Coordinator of Remote Sensing Area of the Agricultural Department of UFPB_x000D_
- Coordinator of the Specialization Course on Remote Sensing and GIS_x000D_
- Member of the Canadian Remote Sensing Society
- Awards from National Institute for Space Researches in 1985, 1990 for active participation on the development of Remote Sensing in Brazil_x000D_
- Awards from Brazilian Society of Cartography and from Earth Observation Satellite Company (EOSAT) in 1989 for
Organisation name
Universidade Federal de Paraiba
Organisation street address
Rua Aprigio Veloso, 882_x000D_
Bairro Universitario, Campina Grande
Organisation city
Organisation country