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Independent experts nominated by country party

Mihail Daradur

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Agricultural Sciences
Atmospheric Sciences
UN languages spoken



State Hydro-meteorological Service
Telephone number
00373 022 77 36 22
Work experience
Climatologist 2011 - 2014_x000D_
State Hydro-meteorological Service, Republic of Moldova _x000D_
•Provided scientific and methodical support to the State Hydro-meteorological Service _x000D_
•Consulted the government agencies and private companies _x000D_
•Coordinated the collaboration of the State Hydro-meteorological Service with other scientific and governmental institutions _x000D_
•Translated the scientific information into effective drought decision support tools (DDST) _x000D_
•Assessed drought risk at high resolution to design resilience for coping with drought hazard in the complex lands_x000D_
•Participated in global and regional research initiatives_x000D_
Associate Professor 2007 – 2010: Comrat State University, Republic of Moldova_x000D_
•Contributed to National Communication of the Republic of Moldova under the UNFCCC_x000D_
•Established a new Drought and Aridity Index (DAI)_x000D_
•Elaborated geostatisical models for defining Drought Sensitive Areas (DSA) _x000D_
•Taught undergraduate courses on Climatology and Agricultural Meteorology _x000D_
•Supervised undergraduate and graduate students _x000D_
Research Scientist 1999 - 2006 _x000D_
Institute of Ecology and Geography, Academy of Sciences, Republic of Moldova_x000D_
•Assessed agro-climate resources for rational land use and management _x000D_
•Headed a team of scientists and employees engaged in Regional Climate Researches_x000D_
•Created regional long-term extreme weather and climate database _x000D_
•Conducted downscaling studies in regional climate change impacts assessment_x000D_
•Produced geographical maps _x000D_
•Prepared scientific reports, publications and presentations
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Doctor Habilitat in Geography, Chisinau_x000D_
Ph.D Meteorology, Hydro/meteorological Research Centre of the Russian _x000D_
Federation, Moscow
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1.Daradur M. I. (2005). Variability and risk assessment of extreme moisture conditions (in Russian). Chisinau: Elena. _x000D_
2.Nedealcov, M., Constantinov, T., Daradur, M., Railian V. (2005). Assessment of agro- climate for optimization of land use and management. Cadaster, Land Management and Environmental Engineering, 13, 191-195. _x000D_
3.Nedealcov, M., Constantinov, T., Daradur, M., Railian V. (2006). Thermal resources in a changing climate of the Republic of Moldova (In Romanian). Buletin of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, 2(99), 161-165._x000D_
4. Cazac, V., Daradur, M., Nedealcov, M. (2005). Long term dynamics of the air temperature over Moldova in a changing climate. Environment, 4, 39-45._x000D_
5.Daradur, M., Cazac, V., Mihailescu C., Boian, I. (2007). Climate monitoring and droughts (in Romanian). Chisinau: Tanavius.
Other activities
UNCCD Science and Technology Correspondent (STC) 2013 – present time_x000D_
Project coordinator/Supporting the alignment of the National Action Program (NAP) 2013 -2014 of the Republic of Moldova to the 10- Year Strategy _x000D_
of the UNCCD and facilitating reporting process project_x000D_
Expert United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) 2013_x000D_
•Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2004-2006 _x000D_
•Water Observation and Information System for Balcan Countries Project 2006 _x000D_
•National Self-Assessment of Capacity Building Needs _x000D_
(UNDP/GEF Project) 2004-2005_x000D_
•Integrated and Sustainable Land Management through Community Based Approach (UNDP/GEF Project)
Organisation name
State Hydrometeorological Service
Organisation street address
134 Grenoble Street
Organisation city