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Independent experts nominated by country party

Mohamed Draz Yehia

First name
Last name
Draz Yehia
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
UN languages spoken



Job function
Head of Sand Dunes Department
Sand Dunes
Telephone number
202 2435519
Work experience
Sand dune stabilization, establishment of on farm irrigation systems.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Ph.D. Hort., Cairo University
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Draz, M.Y. (1993) Experience in sand dune stabilization in Egypt. Symposium on Desertification and Land Reclamation in the Area of the Cooperation Council for Arab Gulf States, Bahrain, 23-25 Nov. 1993_x000D_
2. Draz, M.Y.; El-Maghraby, S. and Wassif, M.A. (1993) Improvement of Siwa dune Sand for the Acacia growth under saline water regime. Fourth Conf., Egyptian, Soil, Sci. Soc. 1993._x000D_
3. Draz. M.Y.; Ahmed, M.A. and Afifi, M.Y. (1993). Studies on Sand encroachment in Siwa Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt. II. Feasibility of sand dune fixation measures. J. Eng. Appl. Sci. Vol. 39, No. 4._x000D_
4. Draz, M.Y. and Misak, R.F. (1992). Studies on sand encroachment in Siwa Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt. 1- Climatic factors as criteria for sand encroachment. J.Eng. Appl. Sci. Vol.13, No.3. _x000D_
5. Draz, M.Y. (1991). Dune Sand movement in Siwa Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt. Zagazig J. Agric. Research vol. 18 (5).
Organisation name
Desert Research Center
Organisation street address
Mathaf El Mataria, Mataria,
Organisation city
Organisation country