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Independent experts nominated by country party

Nadthawat (Pichet) Muenmanee

First name
Nadthawat (Pichet)
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Social sciences
Other Disciplines
1. Postharvest technology 2. Risk assessment
3. Sustainable agriculture
Thematic Areas
Risk assessment
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Job function
Chiang Mai University
Telephone number
+66 53-944031# 117
Work experience
Am working on the postharvest management and technology; risk and loss assessment of the quality of fruit and vegetable. We work to analyze the critical point of quality and safety in supply chain fruit and vegetable. To find the best practice for reduce the postharvest loss of quality and safety. Moreover,
Importance of Postharvest Technology lies in the fact that it has capability to meet food requirement of growing world population by eliminating avoidable losses making more nutritive food items with higher value by proper processing storage, packaging, transport and marketing. Use of appropriate postharvest technology not only reduces the postharvest and Marketing. Use of application postharvest technology not only reduces the postharvest and storage losses or adds value to the product, but more importantly it provides the potential of higher employment including fortification of agricultural and agro-industries. And at the end, establish food security for green and happiness society . Innovation Center was established to served the purpose through an inter-disciplinary and muliti-dimensional approach, which included, research capability, scientific creativity, technological innovations. Productive sectors participation. Human resources development, all of hitch must respond in an integrated manner to the developmental needs o the country
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Docter’s degree, Postharvest technology, Chiang Mai University, 2015
Mastar’s degree, Postharvest technology, Chiang Mai University, 2008
Bachelor’s degree, Rural technology, Thammasat University, 2004
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Noimanee,P., Boonyakiat, D.,Soontonpun, S. and Theanjumpol, P.2013. Loss Assessmant of Mandarin cv.Sai Nam Pueng during Postharvent Handling Processes. Agricultural Science Journal. 44(3 (Suppl):359-362

2. Noimanee,P.,Pornpasit, R., Pattanapo, W. and Theanjumpon, P.2011 Near Infrared spectroscopy for Assessment ofPesidues in Fruit and Vegetable: A Review. Agricultural Science Journal.42 (1) (suppl): 155-158

3. Boonkakiat, D., Noimanee,P., Pattanapo, W. and Theanjumpon, P.2011 Loss Assessmant in Postharvent Handling of Mandarin Fruits cv.Sai Num Pung. Agricultural Science Journal.42 (3) (suppl): 85-88

4. Theanjumpol, P., Noimanee,P.,Pankasemsuk, T.,Chanbang Y.,Klaithin, R and Ketnark, K.,2014 Da,age by insect pests on paddy sack during storage. In12th National Postharvest Technology Conference 2014, July 16-18, 2014. The Empress Hotel, Chaigmai Thailand:050

5. Ketnark, K., Theanjumpol, P., Noimanee,P., Pankasemsuk, T.,Chanbang
T.,Chanbang Y.,Klaithin, R 2014 Effects of temperature and relative humidity on weight loss of paddy during storage. In12th National Postharvest Technology Conference 2014, July 16-18, 2014. The Empress Hotel, Chaigmai Thailand:076
Other activities
1.Risk analysis of Ochartoxin A in coffee in Thailand
2.Dissemination of food safety standard about GAP, Global GAP, ISO 22000 etc.
Organisation nature
Postharvest Technology
Organisation street address
239, Huay Kaew Rd., Muang District

Organisation city
Chiang Mai
Organisation post code
Organisation country