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Independent experts nominated by country party

Natella Rakhmatova

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Water Resources
watershed managment
Land Use Planning
UN languages spoken



Geographical Focus
Job function
Senior scientist
Research Hydrometeorological Institute (NIGMI) Uzhydromet
Telephone number
+998 71 2358461
Work experience
Participation in the work of the National Secretariat of Central Asia Countries Initiative Land Management CACILM), as an Information and Public Awareness Specialist and Data base Consultant. Gathering and analysis of information on CACILM related activities, projects, innovation decisions. Development of National Steering committee program on information and public awareness. Participation in preparation of CACILM information leaflet and brochures. Analyze and offer of concrete channels for information dissemination according to the targeted audience. Training for Project Implementation Specialists (PIS) of CACILM National Secretariats for developing national information database using Microsoft Access, and increasing capacity of PISs in information management for improved information management for the second phase of CACILM. National consultant on determine the assessment level of knowledge and state of awareness among decision makers, Multi-country Capacity Building Project of CACILM Participation in preparation national UNCCD Report.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Master degree, hydrochemistry, National University of Uzbekistan, Geographical Faculty, 2006
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1.Vereschagina N.G., Perevozchikov G.V.,Rakhmatova N.I., Shetinnikov A., 2008, Proceedings of the Research Hydrometeorological Institute. Issue 10(255), Structural features of the soil in the metropolis as an example of Tashkent, 12, P. 88-100 _x000D_
2.Vereschagina N.G., Rakhmatova N.I., Shetinnikov A., 2008, Proceedings of the Research Hydrometeorological Institute. Issue 10(255), About chemical composition of bottom sediments and their role in polluting and self-cleaning of surface water, 8, P. 80-88_x000D_
3.Rakhmatova N, Chub V, Vidineeva E, Vereschagina N, 2006, Computing technologies, V. 11 Part. 3 Estimation of anthropogenous influence on quality of water irrigation system of city of Tashkent and way of rehabilitation,5, P 156-161._x000D_
4.Vidineeva E.M., Tolkacheva G.A., Rakhmatova N.I., 2006, Proceedings of the Research Hydrometeorological Institute. Issue 1(246), Ecological and Hydrochemical Zoning of the Arid Region with developed agro-industrial complex, 6, P. 51-57._x000D_
5.Vidineeva E.M., Vereschagina N.G., Gorelkin N.E., Rakhmatova N.I. 2005, Proceedings of the International conference on regional cooperation in transboundary river basins. Dushanbe 30.05-1.06 2005, Considerations on the necessity of the partnership among the Central Asian Countries on water use regulation in the transboundary Syrdarya and Narin river basins, 2, P.24-26
Other activities
1.Participation in the project “National Capacity Needs Self-Assessment for Global Environmental Management (NCSA)”, Expert (Cross-cutting analysis working group)._x000D_
2.National consultant on identify indicators of effective implementation of Rio Conventions, Project “Strengthening National capacity in Rio Convention Implamentation Through Targeted Institutional Strengthening and Professional Development”._x000D_
3.Participation in the research project “Develop and improve the standard system of pattern in environmental protection”_x000D_
4.Participation in the research project “Revealing of anthropogenic influence of largest in Central Asia the Ajdaro-Arnasay of lakes system on ecological condition of adjoining territories _x000D_
5.Participation in the research project “Revealing anthropogenic impact on water reservoirs and water currents of industrial cities for scientific ground of the monitoring system of ecological condition of the water objects on the territory of Tashkent region including trans-boundary the Syrdarya River.
Organisation name
Centre of Hydrometeorological Service (Uzhydromet)
Organisation street address
72, K.Makhsumov st., 100052
Organisation city
Organisation country