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Independent experts nominated by country party

Ojeda Solano

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Atmospheric Sciences
Agricultural Sciences
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Job function
Head of Agricultural Meteorology department
Agricultural Meteorology
Telephone number
53 7 86 70 714
Work experience
-Head of Meteorological Stations National Network._x000D_
-Ph.D. in the geographical sciences from the upper Education Ministry of Cuba_x000D_
-Head of Agrometeorological researches apply to Citrus Crops, of researches and monitoring on agricultural Meteorology applied to sustainable agriculture.._x000D_
-Head of Researches on Atlas of water available for sustainable and not rain agriculture_x000D_
-Director of the Provincial Meteorological center in Matanzas_x000D_
-Professor of Agrometeorology and Agroclimatology in geographical and meteorological sciences mastery of Havana Univ._x000D_
-Advisory of the World Meteorological Organization on Meteorological Organization on Service of Nicaragua_x000D_
-Leader of advisory working group on food security and early warning system in the agriculture Ministry of Bolivia_x000D_
-Advisory of the food and agriculture organization of the UN on forest fire warning _x000D_
-Advisory on Agrometeorology of the President of the World Meteorological Organization regional association IV _x000D_
-Head of agromete
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Licenciate in Meteorology, Havana University, 1974 PhD, 1990
Number of Publications
Publication titles
-“Assessment of the 1998 and 1999 Agricultural Drought in Cuba” World Meteorological Organization, Geneva Switzerland, pp 21-30, 2000_x000D_
-“Operative Agrometeorological system for detection and monitoring of Agricultural drought in Cuba” World Meteorological Organization, Geneva Switzerland, pp 45-54, 1999_x000D_
-“Early warning system over extreme events. Agrometeorological monitoring system for Cuban Agriculture.” XI National Congress, Meteorological Mexican organization, 2001_x000D_
-“Agricultural drought. Case study of vive Cuban eastern provinces.” CD first Workshop seminar “ The Physics in the Meteorology” Cuban Meteorological Society, p. 23, 2001_x000D_
-Cuba Country case study: impacts and responses to the 1997/98 el nino event.” El Nino, edited by Michael H. Glantz the UN University. ISBN 92-808-1063-4 pp 67-77, 2001
Other activities
-Chairman of working group on Agrometeorology of Cuban Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Univ. and Meteorological Institute in Havana_x000D_
-Member of working group on citrus bioclimatology, within Inter American Citrus Network_x000D_
-Member of working group on drought and desertification of meteorological Institute_x000D_
-Member of meteorological Society_x000D_
-Member of meteorological Sciences Mastery Academic Committee
Organisation name
Instituto Inv. Viandas Tropicales
Organisation street address
Loma de Casablanca,_x000D_
Postal Box 17032,_x000D_
11700 La Habana 17
Organisation city
La Habana
Organisation country