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Independent experts nominated by country party

Pute Wu

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Soil Science
Political Science
Job function
Telephone number
86 0910 7018077
Work experience
1. 1985-1987 in Iswc, as an assistant researcher: soil and water conservation investigation, soil erosion field experiment._x000D_
2. 1987-1990 in Iswc as a postgraduate student: soil erosion theory, sheet flow erosion._x000D_
3. 1990-1993 in Iswc as an assistant professor: soil erosion research method._x000D_
4. 1993-1996 in Iswc, as a postgraduate student, and vice professor: the dynamics of water erosion._x000D_
5. 1996- in Iswc, as a professor: soil and water loss control, rainwater catchment.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Bachelor, Hydrology Northwestern Agriculture, University, 1981-1988._x000D_
Master, Soil Science, Iswc, China, 1993-1996._x000D_
Doctor, Soil Science, Iswc, China, 1993-1996.
Publication titles
1. The dynamics of water erosion research, Shaanxi science and technology press, 1997._x000D_
2. The theory and practice of mountain land control and sustainable development, Chinese forestry press, 1997._x000D_
3. Research on the mountain land erosion and its control._x000D_
4. Experiment research on the sheet flow erosion, Journal of soil and water conservation, China, 1991._x000D_
5. The conception of researching on the technical and economic policy of soil and water conservation in China transactions of environmental science and ecology, China, 1993.
Other activities
1. Vice-Chairman, the youth committee of Chinese society of soil and water conservation._x000D_
2. Vice-Chairman, soil and water conservation society of Shaanxi Province.
Deputy head of science and technology department, ISWC.
Organisation street address
N°26, Xinong Road
Organisation city
Yiangling City, Shaanxi Prov.
Organisation country