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Independent experts nominated by country party

Qing-rui Chang

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Soil Science
Land Use Planning
Soil and water conservation
UN languages spoken


Job function
A profession and doctor tutor
Department of Resources and Environment
Telephone number
86 13571835969
Work experience
Until now I has successfully presided and participate in more than 30 items research program, including four national natural science fundations, one “973” project, seven other funds and local projects. Major projects in recent years mainly concentrated in : Integrated Desertification Prevention, Land Resource Investigation, Evaluation and it’s Reasonable Exploitation and Utilization in Northern and Central of Shaanxi Province, Desertification Formation Mechanism and Dynamic Monitoring Technology, Soil Environmental Effect and Evaluation in Vegetation Restoration, Object Spectrum Property and Remote Sensing Information Extraction, Remote Sensing Model Identification and Automatic Classification, the Research of Regional Resources Environmental Information System.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
1978.02-1982.01, Studied at the Northwest University, majoring in Geography and received BS; 1992.09-1995.07, Studied at the Soil agro-chemistry department, Northwest Agricultural University, majoring in Soil science and received a Master in agriculture.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1 Remote sensing technology introduction, Science press, 2004, main editor. _x000D_
2 Land resources science, Northwest A&F university press, 2002, main editor. _x000D_
3 Geographic information system, Agriculture press, 2004, vice main editor. _x000D_
4 Agricultural resources information system, Agriculture press, 2009, vice main editor. _x000D_
5 Water and soil conservation plans, Map publishing house in Xi’an, 2002, vice main editor.
Other activities
1 The vice direction of the Professional Commission for Soil, Remote Sensing & Geoinformation Conservation 2 The member of Soil Geography and Genesis Classification Specialized Committee _x000D_
3 The member of Chinese Agricultural Engineering and Land Use Specialized Committee_x000D_
4 The member of Geographic Executive Directors in Shaanxi 5 The member of Soil Association in Shaanxi
1. Efficient Vegetation Constructing Disposing Technology in the middle Yellow River in Loess Plateau, the second prize for the technological progress award of Shaanxi province, the sixth. _x000D_
2. Northwest A&F University Teaching Masters. _x000D_
3. Teaching Achievement Prize in Shaanxi, the second prize.
Organisation name
Northwest Forestry University
Organisation street address
Department of Resources and Environment, Northwest A &F University, YangLing, Shaanxi province
Organisation city
Organisation country