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Independent experts nominated by country party

Rajendra Prasad Pandey

First name
Rajendra Prasad
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Agricultural Sciences
Land Use Planning
Thematic Areas
Geographical Focus
Job function
National Institute of Hydrology
Work experience
Conducted basic and applied research studies since past 23 years period and contributed in developing methodologies, particularly for quantitative assessment of streamflow drought severity, drought vulnerability indices, a new climatic classification, modification of SPI & EDI classification, and a conceptual model for regional drought characterization. Some of the important contributions are briefly described below:Revised & proposed new classification of Standardizes Precipitation Index (SPI) and Effective drought Index (EDI); Proposed new index for quantification of vulnerability to drought;
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
B. Tech. (Agricultural Engineering), M. Tech. (Soil &Water Engineering), Ph D (Hydrology)_x000D_
Topic of Ph D Dissertation: ‘Drought characterization in different climatic regions of India’
Publication titles
1. Pandey, R.P., Ashish Pandey, Ravi Galkate, Hi-Ryong Byun and B.C. Mal (2010) Integrating Hydro-meteorological and Physiographic Factors for Assessment of Vulnerability to Drought. Water Resources Management. Springer Publishers, Vol.24, No._x000D_
15 Pp.4199-4217. (Published in Dec 2010, DOI: 10.1007/s11269-010-9653-5)_x000D_
2. Pandey, R.P., S.K. Mishra Ranvir Singh and K.S. Ramasastri (2008) Streamflow Drought Severity Analysis of Betwa River System (INDIA), Water Resources Management Journal, vol 22, no. 8, pp 1127-1141. (August 2008)_x000D_
3. Pandey R.P., B.B. Dash, S.K.Mishra, Ranvir Singh (2008) Study of Indices for Characterization of Drought in KBK Districts in Orissa (INDIA), Journal of Hydrological Processes, Volume 22, Issue 12, pp.1895-1907. (15 June, 2008)._x000D_
4. Pandey R.P., K.D. Sharma, S.K. Mishra, Ranvir Singh and Ravi.V. Galkate (2008)._x000D_
Assessing streamflow drought severity using ephemeral streamflow data. International_x000D_
Jour. of Ecological Economics & Statistics (IJEES). Vol.11, no. S08, pp 77-89._x000D_
5. Pandey, R. P. and K. S. Ramasastri (2002), ‘Incidence of droughts in different climatic regions. Hydrological Sciences Journal, August especial issue 47(S), pp. S31-S40._x000D_
6. Pandey, R. P. and K. S. Ramasastri (2001), ‘Relationship between the common climatic parameters and average drought frequency. Hydrological Processes Journal, 15(6), pp._x000D_
Other activities
1. Joint Editor, Hydrology Journal, Indian Association of Hydrologists (IAH, 1994-97)_x000D_
2. Member International Association of Hydrologists (IAHS)_x000D_
3. Served as ‘Secretary’, Indian Water Resources Society, IWRS (Aug. 2009- Aug._x000D_
4. Presently Holding position of ‘Secretary’ Indian Association of Hydrologists (IAH), (Jan 2013 onwards)_x000D_
5. Expert Members for Bureau of Indian Standards , Surface Water Resources_x000D_
1. Indo-Dutch WAMATRA-II fellowship for International Course on Agricultural Land drainage, (1991), ILRI, The NetherLands_x000D_
2. UNDP Fellowship for ‘developing capability in hydrological studies, (1997), 4-month training on ‘hydrological data processing and analysis’ at San Diego State Univ.San Diego, USA_x000D_
3. Domain expert for Drought monitoring and management for Development of Decision Support system - Water Management, under 4-weeks Training at DHI Denmark. (2010)_x000D_
4. Merit-cum- mean Fellowship for M.Tech Degree Course (1986-1988)_x000D_
5. Members for Board of Directors for LIONS CLUB.
Organisation name
National Institute of Hydrology
Organisation street address
Organisation country