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Independent experts nominated by country party

Ramón Omar Martinez Zubiaur

First name
Ramón Omar
Last name
Martinez Zubiaur
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Agricultural Sciences
Animal Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
Senior Researcher
Telephone number
53 62 62 99 410 / 24 773
Work experience
-researcher in the field of milk production with tropical grasses._x000D_
-head in several scientific research projects_x000D_
-leader of project for development of a Cuban enterprise with 14 000 milk cows_x000D_
-director of a work team, creating a cattle development program in Mexico_x000D_
-participant of AGRORED_x000D_
-working in a technological transference program of FIRA, Bank of Mexico, other states in Mexico._x000D_
-developed a biomass banks technology for grazing through all the year in the tropic as an answer to the lackage of pasture in dry season.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Agronomy, Havana Univ._x000D_
-Ph.D. in Veterinary_x000D_
-Senior Researcher, Institute of Animal Science
Number of Publications
Publication titles
-"Racionalización del uso del concentrado para vacas lecheras en pastoreo." Ph.D. thesis Institute of Animal Science_x000D_
-“Concentrate feeding and milk production with tropical pastures.” Cuban J. of Agricultural Sci. 198:15. p 121-132, 1981_x000D_
-“Alimentación con concentrados a vacas lecheras en pastoreo.” Los pastos en Cuba, 2. Ed. EDICA p. 299-330_x000D_
-“Cultivo de tejidos y fitotecnia de las mutaciones en pastos tropicales.” Revista Cubana Ciencia Agric. 30: p. 1-11_x000D_
-“Banco de biomasa para la sostentibilidad de la ganadería tropical.” Fac. De Ciencias Veterinarias, Univ. de Zulia, Venezuela, p 275-293, 1998
Other activities
-Latin-America and Cuban Assoc. of Animal Production Member_x000D_
-Experts group for animal food production by sustainable ways_x000D_
-Member of Directive Group of Technology Transference National group_x000D_
-Technical Advisor of the Ministry of Sugar Industry for animal production_x000D_
-Vice-President of the Scientific Council, Institute of Animal Science
-Annual Prize of Science and Technology
Organisation name
Instituto de Ciencia Animal
Organisation street address
Carretera Central Km 47 1/2_x000D_
San José de las Lajas
Organisation city
La Habana
Organisation country