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Independent experts nominated by country party

Roberto Serafin Diego Quintana

First name
Roberto Serafin
Last name
Diego Quintana
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Political Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
Professor and Researcher "C"
Social and Humanities Sciences Division
Telephone number
52 5 724 50 66
Work experience
- Titled Porfessor and Researcher (full time) level "C" in the area of Rural Development at the Autonomous Metropolitan University, Xochimilco Unit, Mexico._x000D_
- Instrumentation strategics of rural development programs and projects: a) the case of Solidarity Regional Funds; b) the case of Solidarity Regional Funds in Puebla; c) the market of lands in Mexico._x000D_
- Participant in Research Program with: World Bank, Bank of Mexico, Indigenist National Institute (INI), CESPA-ONU, and Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources Secretariat SARH-Mexico.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
B. Sc. in Agricultural Engineering. Specialist in Agronomy. Autonomous Chapingo University, 1973, Mexico._x000D_
M. Sc. in CROPS Physiology. University of Reading, England, 1976_x000D_
M. Sc. in Rural Development. University of East Anglia, Norwich, England, 1980_x000D_
Ph. D. in Rural Development. University of London, England, 1986
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. The Reasons, the Senses, the Faith and the Reform to 27th Constitutional Article. Journal (New Epoch), Year 2, No. 5 and 6, May-Dec. 1992 pp.53-61._x000D_
2. Rural Development and Automeasure in front of the Mexican Neoliberalism and the Globalization of World Economy. Economy, Theory and Practice Journal, Vol. 2, pages 197-210, 1994._x000D_
3. The Rural Neoliberalism Paradigm and the Agrarian Reforms in Mexico. Agrarian Notebooks Journal (New Epoch), No. 11-12, August 1995._x000D_
4. The Ejido. Doucment of Work, United Nations Program for Rural Development, Nagoya, Japan, 1996 (in press)._x000D_
5. Mexico de l'état patrimonial à l'état néoliberal: La politique agricole du Mexique. Cahiers Agricultures, 5, Paris, France, 1996 (in press)._x000D_
Other activities
- Author and collaborator in 5 articles published in scientific journals; I chapter in a psecialist publication; 8 works for divulgation purposes in bulletins and newspapers; two books and one specific translation work, from 1984-1994._x000D_
- Author of 24 publications in Rural Development, Agrarian Law, Rural Funding, Agricultural Policy_x000D_
- Conducted 2 thesis at the Bachelor level, 2 thesis at the masteral level._x000D_
- Professor in 68 different courses of international and national level_x000D_
- Professor in 21 courses and seminars at the doctorate level
Organisation name
Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Plantel Xochimilco
Organisation street address
Calzada del Hueso No. 1100_x000D_
Col. Quietud, Delegacion Coyoacan, CP 04960
Organisation city
Organisation country