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Independent experts nominated by country party

Sarshen Scorgie

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Biodiversity and ecosystem sciences
Other Disciplines
Ecosystem based Adaptation, Climate Policy, Water, Green Economy
Thematic Areas
Climate change
Ecosystem services
Policy analysis
Water quality
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
South Africa
Job function
Director for Climate Policy
Work experience
I am responsible for achieving Conservation SA policy targets and developing linkages that will support the restoration and conservation of healthy ecosystems through South African legislation and government programmes and fiscal instruments. This approach includes a focus on ecosystem based approaches to adaptation and developing a green economy with a focus on water and land use management within rural areas of SA. The work includes supporting the mainstreaming of climate change into district, provincial and national level policy. In 2012-2013 I worked with the Department of Environment and SA National Biodiversity Institute in project managing the development of South Africa’s Long Term Adaptation Scenarios. I have been involved in developing a district level climate response strategy in Alfred Nzo District and supporting the development of a Small Grants Facility for adaptation in the Northern Cape. In 2016-7 worked on the development of a National Adaptation Strategy and Plan for South Africa with the Department of Environmental Affairs and SANBI.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
MSC in Environmental Management UCT, 2007
Publication titles
1. Bourne AB, Pasquini L, Donatti CI, Holden P, Scorgie S 2016. Strengthening the role of local authorities to support community-based adaptation: The case of South Africa. In: Enhancing adaptation to climate change in developing countries through commnunity-based adaptation, J Atela, S Huq, C Ochieng, V Orindi, T Owiyo (eds), Africa Centre for Technology Studies Press, Nairobi, Kenya. ISBN 9966-41-195-X.
2. Bourne, A, P. deAbreu, C. Donatti, S. Scorgie, and S. Holness. 2015. A Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for the Namakwa District, South Africa: The 2015 revision. Conservation South Africa, Cape Town.
3. _ CSA (Conservation South Africa). 2015. Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment: Alfred Nzo Municipality. Technical report, available online at
Other activities
1. Adaptation Network Steering Committee;
2. Ecosystem based Adaptation Steering Committee (DEA)
Organisation nature
Conservation South Africa
Organisation street address
301Heritage House, 20 Dreyer Street
Organisation city
Organisation post code
Organisation country
South Africa