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Independent experts nominated by country party

Seongwoo Jeon

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Environmental Management
Job function
Associate Fellow
Korea Environment Institute
Telephone number
82 2 3488 7661
Work experience
Associate Fellow (1999-Present) Korea Environment Institute Researcher (1993-1999), Korea Environment Technology Research Institute_x000D_
Senior Researcher (1993), Asia-Pacific Environment Management Instiute, Korea
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Master, Landscape Architecture, Soul National University, 1993
Number of Publications
Publication titles
Jeon, Seongwoo, 1999, A Fundamental Study on Sulfur Dioxide Emission Estimation for the Mitigation of Sulfur Dioxide in Korea-on City and country Levels, Korean Society of Environmental Impact Assessment, Volume 8 Number 4, 73-79_x000D_
Jeon, Seongwoo, 1999, A Theoretical Study on Land Cover Characteristic; Focused on Natural Environment Management, Journal of the Korean Society for Environmental Restoration and Revegetation Technology, Volume 2 Number 1, 29-37_x000D_
Jeon, Seongwoo, 1998, Landcover Analysis of DMZ and the Vicinity Using Remote Sensing and GIS Technique, Korean Society of EIA, Volume 7, Number 1. 11-22_x000D_
Jeon, Seongwoo, and Jung. Huicheul, 1999, A study on the Remote Sensing Technique for Eco-Natural Map: Focused on Vegetation Classification Map, Korea Environment Institute_x000D_
Jeon, Seongwoo and Chung Sungmoon, 1998, A Study on the Remote Sensing Technique for Eco-Natural Map: Focused on Landcover Classification Map, Korea Environment Institute.
Other activities
Korean society of Environmental Impact Assessment_x000D_
The Korean Society of Remote Sensing
Organisation name
Korea Environment Institute
Organisation street address
1049-1 Sadang-dong_x000D_
Dongjak-gu, 156 090
Organisation city