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Independent experts nominated by country party

Shuoxin Zhang

Professor Dr.
First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Plant Science
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Job function
Professor Dr.
Telephone number
86 29 87082993
Work experience
Took part in cooperation with the consultants from GWB of Germany on training course,_x000D_
evaluation and consulting in the field for the Sino-German Afforestation Project in Western _x000D_
Shaanxi financed by KFW of Germany from April 1994 to December 1996 and for the_x000D_
Sino-German Afforestation Project in Northern Shaanxi financed by KFW of Germany from_x000D_
December 1998 to December 2001._x000D_
As a Ph.D. student participated the project “Research on forest decline in Europe” at Agricultural University Vienna in Austria from 1990 to 1993._x000D_
As a visiting professor joined in the project “Hydraulic conductivity of sugar maple” at the_x000D_
University of Vermont and Aiken Forestry Laboratory of Northeastern Forest Station of Forest_x000D_
Service in the United States from June 1998 to September 1998
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Bachelor Forestry Northwest Forestry University 1978-1982_x000D_
Master Forest Ecology Northwest Forestry University 1982-1985_x000D_
Doctor Plant Ecology Agricultural University Vienna 1990-1993
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Zhang Shuoxin (chief editor), 1999, Forest Extension, Economic Science Press_x000D_
2. Zhang Shuoxin (chief editor), 2009, Ecological Management, China Agriculture Press_x000D_
3. Zhang Shuoxin, Lei Ruide. 2001. Near-natural forests and sustainable development of _x000D_
Chinese forestry. Forest Science & Technology Management, 2:34-36._x000D_
4. Guo Wei, Zhang Shuoxin. 2007. Landscape ecological analysis and planning of the _x000D_
green space system in Yangling National Agricultural Demonstration Zone._x000D_
Chinese Landscape Architecture, 23(142):92-95._x000D_
5. Xiaobang Peng, Yuanying Zhang, Jing Cai, Zaimin Jiang, Shuoxin Zhang. 2009._x000D_
Photosynthesis, growth and yield of soybean and maize in a tree-based agro-forestry_x000D_
intercropping system on the Loess Plateau. Agroforestry Systems, 76(3):569-577.
Other activities
1. Member of China Forestry Association_x000D_
2. Member of China Ecology Association_x000D_
3. Member of the Third Council for International Exchange of Agricultural Science and _x000D_
Technology of China
1. Rewarded by Provincial Government of Shaanxi for outstanding contribution to_x000D_
the development of science and technology in 1998 and for excellent teaching _x000D_
achievements in 1999_x000D_
2. Liang Xi Prize for Progress in Forest Science and Technology in 2005_x000D_
3. Member of the Discipline Appraisal Group of the Academic Degree Committee of _x000D_
the State Council of China
Organisation name
Chinese Academy of Forestry
Organisation street address
3 Taicheng Road
Organisation city
Organisation country