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Independent experts nominated by country party


First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Environmental economics
Social sciences
Other Disciplines
Integrated natural resources management, sustainable land management- traditional knowledge, environmental governance
Thematic Areas
Environmental governance
Integrated water resources management
Sustainable land management
Traditional knowldege
UN languages spoken



Geographical Focus
Job function
Docteur Ingenieur en sciences Agronomiques
Haute Matsiatra Regional Direction
Telephone number
Work experience
2003, advisory in study and analysis of creation of agronomic research center in Morocco, Gheris bassin in Errachidia region, with five searchers from Cameroun, morocco and Algeria, used holistic approaches.
2008_2009, participant in REDD FORECA project Madagascar with GIZ/DDC/AIM and ESS Agro, social and economic analysis for degradation and deforestation, used social analysis and global chain method.
2010-2011, advisory in commitment on monitoring and assessment of IZCM in 11 littoral regions in Madagascar with Ministry of environment, water and forest, used integrated approaches including gender and vulnerability approaches.
2016, advisory on study and analysis management transfer on mangrove species in Marovoay District , Boeny region, Madagascar, used land management and local and traditional knowledge approaches.

Highest Academic achievement and qualification
- Doctorat, Economie et politiques des ressources naturelles, Ecole superieure des sciences agronomiques, Ecole doctoral Gestion des ressources naturelles durables, Université de Antanarivo, 2016
- MASTER/DEA Degree on History and Civilisation, “La Forêt, un champ d’impact des actions et relations des acteurs, cas de la forêt d’Ampitatafika sur le haut plateau Malagasy”, Geography Department, Université de Poitiers, 2004
_ Ingénieur des Eaux et forêts, ESSA Département des Eaux et Forêts, Université Antananarivo, 2001
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. RAKOTOSON Sitraka Raymamy, 2017, "The challenges and issues of management transfer in Madagascar through the renewal of the Mangrove management transfer contract from VOI FIVABE to Ambanjabe, Rural Commune Marovoay Banlieu, Marovoay District, Boeny Region" the Tenth WIOMSA Scientific Symposium, Daresalam,Tanzanie
2. _RAKOTOSON Sitraka Raymamy, 2017, Poster: « La dynamique des systèmes, une méthodologie de modélisation pour combattre le changement climatique à travers l’élaboration de stratégie de gestion durable des ressources naturelles. Exemple du cas de la forêt domaniale de Tsinjoarivo »,Colloque sur le développement rural face au changement climatique, ESSA Université Antananarivo
3. _ANDRIAMALALA Heritiana & RAKOTOSON S., 2017, « Manifestations du changement climatique et réactions de la population, cas de la Haute Matsiatra Colloque sur le développement rural face au changement climatique, ESSA en partenariat avec ARES, UE, semaine de l’Agro, Université Antananarivo »
4. __Rakoto Ratsimba H. et al, 2015, « Understanding deforestation and forest degradation processes in the eastern humid forest of Madagascar: how can local communities’ perception help us? »XIV WORLD FORESTRY CONGRESS, Durban, South Africa, 7-11 September 2015
5. _Bettina Leischner et al, 2010, unpublish , social and economic survey in scope of REDD survey in Tsinjoarivo, Tsimanampetsotsa, Haute Ramena and Manompana Madagascar, VTI Hamburg
Other activities

1. _CNGIZC members, Integrated Coastal Zone Management National Comity/ Comité Nationale de la Gestion Intégrée des Zones Cotiêres
2. _ represented MEEMF in Multi-sectorial Comity of Risk and Catastrophe Reduction in Madagascar .

3. _ Members of marine monitoring and assessment team at Environment Ecology and Forest Ministry.
4. _ CREFA members, Renovation Comity for Agricultural and Rural Formation concerning Environment Ecology and Forest Ministry
5. _ LAFA network members, Network of Professional Protected Areas Manager at Madagascar
Organisation name
Ministry of Environment and Forests
Organisation nature
Organisation street address
Bureau Foret Isaha Fianarantsoa
Organisation city
Organisation country