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Sudhakar Nalamn

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
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Geographical Focus
Job function
Zonal Project (Zone V), ICAR
Telephone number
9104024530300/ 9849694940
Work experience
During 1982-89, as Agronomist in AICRP on Weed control (1982-84) and AICRP on Water management (1984-89), at IIT, Kharagpur, West Bengal, conducted Field Studies on weed control and water management in important field crops viz. Rice, wheat, mustard, groundnut etc. As Senior Scientist and Officer-In-Charge of CAZRI, Regional Research Station, Bhuj (Kutch), Gujart, during 1989-95 involved in establishment of the new research station and conducting the field studies on evaluation of suitable species and varieties for silvi-pasture (tree species Neem, Su-babul, Israeli babul and perennial grasses Cenchrus ciliaris and Cenchrus setigerus), arid horticulture (different varieties of Ber) etc. Since 1995 involved in establishment, technical monitoring and Co-ordination of Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVK) in 55 districts of 2 states viz. Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra which grew in number from 39 in 1995-96 to 78 by 2011-12. As the Director of the Zonal Project Directorate (Zone V), since February 2010 looking after the administration of the Directorate, budget release to KVKs etc. During the above period 5 KVKs in Zone V were bestowed with the Best National KVK award by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
PhD, Agronomy in I.I.T., Kharagpur (W.B.), 1981_x000D_
M.Sc (Ag.)in Agronomy ANGRAU (APAU), Hyderabad, 1976_x000D_
B.Sc (Ag.), Agril. Subjects, ANGRAU (APAU), Hyderabad, 1973
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Govind Reddy, M., Ghosh, B.C. and Sudhakar, N., 1991: Studies on scheduling of irrigation to winter pigeonpea, Indian J. Agric. Science 36: 109-110;_x000D_
2. Sudhakar, N. Swami, M.L. and Yadav, M.S, 1994:Performance of Cenchrus ciliaris varieties at BhujAnnals of Arid Zone 33 (4): 335-336; _x000D_
3. Rajender Reddy, G., Malewar G.U., Sharma, K.L., Sudhakar,N. and Karle, B.G. 2001: Effect of Organic Recycling on Soil Improvement and Rainfed Crop Production in Vertisol Indian J. Dryland Agricultural Research & Development 16(2), 91-96; _x000D_
4. Dattatri.K, Mahadeva Reddy .K, Sudhakar.N, Dhanalakshmi.G and Sudhakar.M.,2010: Performance and Impact of JG-11, an Improved Variety of Chickpea under Rainfed Conditions. Indian J. Dryland Agricultural Research & Development 25(1): 122-124; _x000D_
5. K.D .Kokate, G Rajender Reddy and N Sudhakar; 2012; On-farm validation of nutrients response in different locations of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh Indian J. of Agric. Sciences 82 (8)
Other activities
1. Preparation and submission of various technical and financial progress reports of the project (monthly, quarterly and annual) as required to the Indian Council of Agricultural Research._x000D_
2. Planning and organizing the necessary capacity building programmes for the SMS (Subject matter specialists) in KVKs in collaboration with the SAUs and ICAR Research Institutes to improved their technical competence.
1. Nominated as Board member of the “ Extension and Continuing Education Council of Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University, Nagpur, Maharashtra. _x000D_
2. Nominated as Member of the Board of Management, Dr. YSR Horticultural University, Venkataramannagudem, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.
Organisation name
Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture
Organisation street address
CRIDA Campus, Santoshnagar, Andhra Pradesh, 500059
Organisation city
Organisation country