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Independent experts nominated by country party

Suphakarn Luanmanee

First name
Last name
Discipline of Expertise
Agricultural sciences
Environmental sciences/ecology
Thematic Areas
Sustainable agriculture
Food security
Carbon sequestration
Climate change
UN languages spoken


Job function
Senior Agricultural Research Officer
Research and Development Division, Department of Agriculture
Telephone number
+66 2561 4681
Work experience
- According to experiences from my research projects, it clearly shows the deterioration of the soils under crop production, especially, if it is inappropriate management for soil, fertilizer, crop residues and cropping system. Most of farmer prefer burning there crop residues which enhancing rapidly soil deterioration and causes greenhouse gas emission. We have attempted to transfer knowledge to farmers about good agricultural practices and advantages of crop residues as well as soil and fertilizer management to improve crop productivity and sustain soil quality. However, there are many factors affecting the adoption of technology such as socioeconomic, farmer lifestyle and experience, farmer gender and age, etc. In order to defense desertification in the views of agricultural production, it is important to build up strong community between farmers, private sectors, researchers and local government
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
- Ph.D. (Soils), Kasetsart University, 2001
- M.Sc. (Agriculture), Kasetsart University, 1997
- B.Sc. (Agriculture), Kasetsart University, 1994
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Sugino, T., Nobuntou, W., Srisombut, N., Rujikun, P., Luanmanee, S., Punlai, N. 2013. Effects of long-term organic material applications and green manure crop cultivation on soil organic carbon in rain-fed area of Thailand. International Soil and Water Conservation Research. Vol. 1, No 3 : 15-28, Beijing

2. Luanmanee, S., and Paisancharoen, K.2011. Nitrogen balance in upland fields of Thailand. Food & Fertilizer Technology Center Extension Bulletin. No. 642. 12 P. Taiwan.

3. Luanmanee, S., Paisancharoen, K., Pakdeethai, C., Thippayarugs, S., Amonpon, W. 2012. Optimum crop nutrient management for sugarcane production on sandy soil in the northeast of Thailand. Khon Kaen Agr. J. 40 Supplement 3 : 149-158, Khon Kaen.

4. Luanmanee, S., Paisancharoen, K., Kongtien, D. 2014. Optimum soil and fertilizer management for enhancing productivity effectiveness of sugarcane grown on Ban Phai Sandy soil. pp. 80-96. In Proceedings of National Conference on Cane and Sugar. 13-15 August 2014. Felix River Kwai Resort, Kanchnaburi

5. Luanmanee, S., Kongtien, D., Grudloyma, P. 2014. Effect of fertilizer management and cropping system on greenhouse gas emission and maize productivity. P. 73 In Abstract of the 6th ASIAHORCs Joint Symposium on “The Impact of Climate Change to Food and Health”, 26-28 November 2014, Bangkok
Other activities
1. Membership of Soil and Fertilizer Association of Thailand
2. Membership of Plant Breeding and Multiplication Association of Thailand
Organisation nature
Soil Science Research Group, Agricultural Production Sciences, Research and Development Division
Organisation street address
Soil Science Research Group, Agricultural Production Sciences
Research and Development Division
Department of Agriculture
50 Phahon Yotin Road, Ladyao, Chatiuchak, Bangkok 10900
Organisation city
Chatiuchak, Bangkok
Organisation post code
Organisation country