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Independent experts nominated by country party

Sutha Khaodhiar

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
1. Environmental Impact 2. Water Treatment
3. Industrial Waste 4. Heavy Metal Removal
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Job function
Center of Excellence on Hazardous Substance Management
Telephone number
Work experience
- Environmental Impact Assessments :
Buri Rum Airport, 1991/Udonthani Airport, 1991/Lampang Airport, 1991/Bayer Polycarbonate (PC2), 1999/Central Krabi Resort, 2000

- Feasibility Study :
Port Authority of Thailand, Land Development, 1999/NBIA, Four Privatized Facilities for New Bangkok International Airport, 2000/ The Office of the Maritime Promotion Commissions, Shipyard Industrial Estate, 2002

- Design Projects :
Nakon Si Thamamarat, Detail Design Wastewater Collection and Treatment System, 1999
Ministry of Commerce, Sanitary System, 1999
Department of Botany, Chulalongkorn University, 2000
Department of General Science, Chulalongkorn University, 2000
School of Sport Science, Chulalongkorn University, 2000
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, Oregon State University, 1997
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Arpornpong, N., Charoensaeng, A., Sabatini, D.A., Khaodhiar, S. “Life cycle assessment of palm oil microemulsion-based biofuel” (2015) The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 14 p. Article in Press

2. Asnachinda, E., Khampaeng, C., Sutthinon, P., Khaodhiar, S. “Enhancement of Styrene Adsolubilization and Solubilization by Rhamnolipid Biosurfactant-Linker Mixtures onto an Aluminum Oxide Surface” (2015) Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, 6 p. Article in Press.

3. Arpornpong, N., Attaphong, C., Charoensaeng, A., Sabatini, D.A., Khaodhiar, S. “Ethanol-in-palm oil/diesel microemulsion-based biofuel: Phase behavior, viscosity, and droplet size” (2014) Fuel, 132, pp. 101-106

4. Painmanakul, P., Laoraddecha, S., Prajaksoot, P., Chawaloesphonsiya, N., Khaodhiar, S. “Study of Hydrophobic VOCs Absorption Mechanism in a Bubble Column: Bubble Hydrodynamic Parameters and Mass Transfer Coefficient” (2013) Separation Science and Technology (Philadelphia), 48 (13), pp. 1963-1976.

5. Prarat, P., Ngamcharussrivichai, C., Khaodhiar, S., Punyapalakul, P. “Removal of haloacetonitriles in aqueous solution through adsolubilization process by polymerizable surfactant-modified mesoporous silica” (2013) Journal of Hazardous Materials, 244-245, pp. 151-159
Other activities
1. Professional Societies : Engineering Institute of Thailand/Environmental Engineering Institute Thailand
2. Committees. Commissions and Board : Committee, National Energy Policy Office, Waste Recycle for Saving Energy Project, 2002-2003
3. Committee, Department of Industrial Waste, Standard Text Book for Industrial Waste water Treatment, 2001-2002
4. Committee, Department of Industrial Waste, Samut Prakarn Wastewater Management Project, 2002
Organisation street address
Research Building Chulalongkorn University, 8 Floor, Phayathai Road, Pathumwan,
Organisation city
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