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Independent experts nominated by country party

Tatiana Kuderina

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Environmental sciences/ecology
Soil science
Other Disciplines
Soil Science
Environmental Management
UN languages spoken



Job function
Senior Researcher
Institute of Geography, Russian Acadwemy of Sciences (RAS)
Telephone number
00 7 910 42314380 / 495 9590027
Work experience
I have an experience of expertise work with different national and international organizations, such as MRI, IGBP, UNESCO, MAB, GLORIA, Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA), UNCCD, and others. The majority of the projects are biodiversity conservation, participatory planning, mostly in the countries affected by land degradation. Some of the projects were related to the scientific assessment, diagnostics and indicating desertification processes
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Ph.D. 2001. Physical geography, biogeography and environmental geochemistry, Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Science_x000D_
Thesis: Migration of elements with plant transpiration in arid landscapes (Aral Sea Region)_x000D_
M.Sc. 1988, Physical geography, soil science and environmental geochemistry, Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University_x000D_
Thesis: Application biochemical methods for mineral deposit prospecting in taiga of Eastern Siberia.
Publication titles
1. Merzlyakova I., Badenkov J., Kuderina T. Landscape approaches to environmental risk assessment in the Ferghana Valley. Dokl. Seminar of NATO Advanced Research "Problems of desertification in Central Asia and their regional strategic decision," Samarkand, June, 2003. _x000D_
2. Kuderina T.M. Desertification and landscape-geochemistry processes. / Desertification of Russian dry lands: new aspects of analysis, results and problems. Drozdov A.V., Zolotokrylin A.N., Mandych A.F. (editors). Institute of Geography. 2009. KMK Scientific Press Ltd., Moscow. _x000D_
3. Kuderina T., Tertitsky G. The influence of seabird colonies on the landscape-geochemical state of coastal ecosystems (o.Western Spitsbergen). / / Change the environment and climate: natural and technogenical disaster. T.3.Part 2. Natural processes in the polar regions of Earth. Ed. V.M. Kotlyakov. M.: IGRAS, IPE RAS, 2009._x000D_
4. Kuderina T., Merzlyakova I., Kudikov A. Proposals for the monitoring program of geochemical landscapes of Altai-Sayan eco-region in a transboundary context.// _x000D_
International Consultation on "Climate Change and the continuous preservation of biodiversity in the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion." 2010. _x000D_
5. Trefilova A. V., Artamonova M. S., Kuderina T. M., Gubanova D. P., Davydov K. A., Iordanskii M. A., Grechko E. I., Minashkin V. M.
Other activities
1. Secretary of the Academic Council of Institute of Geography RAS._x000D_
2. Coordinator of Direction ?3 «Program of fundamental researches of Presidium of the RAS ? 4 «The natural environment of Russia: the adaptive processes in the conditions of changing climate and development of nuclear power industry»_x000D_
3. Member of the Editorial boards of scientific journals: “Environmental planning and management” (Moscow, Russia).
2009. Member of the Russian delegation at the conference COP9, Argentina
Organisation name
Academy of Science
Organisation street address
Organisation city
Organisation country
Russian Federation