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Independent experts nominated by country party

Thabang Karneels Thinda

First name
Thabang Karneels
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
1. Disaster Risk Management 2. Climate Change
3. Public Management 4. Rural Development
Thematic Areas
Climate change
Disaster risk management
Rural development
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
South Africa
Job function
Deputy Director
Rural Disaster Mitigation, Department of Rural Development
Telephone number
012 312 9630/0766168905
Work experience
I have worked at City of Tshwane for 8 Years at Disaster Management Centre within the Emergency Services Department and ACTED AS CHIEF OF STAFF for 3 years, 6 months responsible for (Disaster Management Centre)

To ensure effective implementation of and adherence to HR & Disaster
Management policies, procedures and legislation, To ensure effective implementation and coordination of Human Resource process, practices, systems and solutions aimed at improving service delivery, To develop and maintain productive relationship with line management, Disaster Management Directors, Deputy Directors, Functional Heads and Disaster Management Officers, To ensure effective data integrity,
effective and efficient implementation of HR & Operational Projects in adherence to plans, policies and procedures.

To ensure the effective implementation of and adherence to Emergency Service Department’ policies and procedures as well as legislating, through: Implementation of Implement Disaster Management policies, Facilitating the communication of advice, facilitation and the training of staff as well as management on Disaster resources policies and procedures, Ensuring that business inputs are obtained with regards to Disaster Management policies and the amendment of current Standard operating Guidelines and policies, Planning, coordinating, monitoring and evaluation of Disaster Management service delivery, Correct interpretation and implementation of the Division’s monthly reports, Service Delivery Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP) performance, Alignment and consistency in the application of Disaster Management Legislation, policies, regulations, processes, systems and procedures of the Disaster Management. Implementation and co-ordination of Organizational Development and Design interventions results from the office of the Head of Disaster Management, Ensuring that HR & disaster management related information is standardized and centralized, Ensuring compliance to HR & Disaster Management legislative requirements.

To ensure the development and maintenance of productive relationships with line management, employees and centers of excellence, through:-ensuring the effective and efficient interpretation of business requirements within the Department, Ensuring the execution of quality assurance of operations service delivery, Development, implementation and monitoring of service level agreements (SLA) between HR and Line Management in the Department, Implementation of and adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLA) of Centers of Excellence, Strategic HR and HR Shared Services with Disaster Management Services.

To oversee effective and efficient implementation of Disaster Management Projects in adherence to SDBIP, Policies and Procedures, Alignment of Project implementation plans to departmental business plans and the overall delivery plan, Ensuring the availability of Service Level Agreements (SLA), Ensuring that all projects have a plan with clear traceable work breakdown structures, accurate estimates, skill requirements, and issues to track, a quality plan and transparent change process, overseeing effective and efficient management of changes and risks associated with implementation of projects. I am currently employed by Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (Rural Disaster Mitigation services) as a Manager for Training and Communications, and in 2015 I was moved to the office of DDG as acting as Senior Manager and my responsibilities include compiling monthly and
quarterly reports, working with office of the DDG for compiling service delivery reports, Annual Performance Plans (APP), Operational Performance Plan (OPP) and Strategic Development Plan for the Chief Directorate, responsible for the development of the strategic plan (five year plan) for the branch, compiling Chief Directorate Quarterly reports that are in line with the Annual Performance Plans (APP) &
Operational Performance Plans (OPP). My acting duties include amongst others liaising with internal and external stakeholders on issues pertaining to policy, strategy, high-level coordination of systems/processes and other content issues involved with the relevant office; Undertake research and training as well as compiling quarterly reports for the for the Chief Director; Participate in the development of the strategy, policies and planning for the relevant branch chief directorates; Manage various strategic workshops, projects, capacity building, workshops and programmes identified to meet
the short, medium and long term objectives of the Chief Directorate.

I ensure the alignment of the organizational and individual performance of the our provincial managers in the Chief Directorates, Ensure the effective and efficient execution of all supporting administrative functions such as: Preparation of papers for meetings including briefings from other senior managers, communicating and effective coordination of our function with different stakeholders; quality assurance
of documentation before sending them through to the relevant office heads/senior managers so as to highlight any irregularities/concerns; Arrange and prepare meetings, including preparation of agendas, briefings, presentations and other supporting documents for the Chief Director; Carry out background research and produce documents, media briefing papers reports and presentation as required. I also
assist in building networks to improve and streamline communications for the Chief Director: RDMS and provide an effective and professional first point of contact for enquiries, advice and information to internal and external senior stakeholders.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Magister Degree: Disaster Risk Management (Coursework and Dissertation), University of the Free State,Free State Province, SOUTH AFRICA.
Bachelor of Business Administration, Honours Degree Specialising in Public Sector Financial Management
(Honours Degree); Southern Business School, Krugersdorp
BSc. Agric. (Plant Protection) Degree: University of Pretoria, Pretoria.
BCom Law: Specialist in income Tax and Contract Law, Southern Business School, 2016 (2nd)-in progress
Higher Certificate: Municipal Finance Management, LGSETA, 2016
Certificate: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Strengthening Coping and Adaptation Strategies for Sustainable
Development’: Focus on Informal Settlements In partnership with the United Nations University,
Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) and the University of the Free State, Disaster
Management Training and Education Centre for Africa UFS-DiMTEC): 2018.
Other activities
Service Excellence Innovation Award, City of Tshwane
Organisation nature
Rural Development
Organisation street address
224 Church Street, Capital Towers Building
Organisation city
Organisation post code
Organisation country
South Africa