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Independent experts nominated by country party

Ubolwan Arayaphong

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Thematic Areas
Communication and awareness
Traditional knowldege
Monitoring and assessment
Food security
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Job function
Dissemination Technical Officer
Department of Agricultural Extension, Bangkok
Telephone number
+662 579 9546
Work experience
1) Title of the Project "The exhibition miracle plant purple in the agricultural", year 2015, with the objective of: - 1. To promote the knowledge of the breed. Resources and space to grow Seasonal produce and sell the output value and benefits of different types of plants, 23 species of violet.
2. To promote agricultural self-sufficiency . And Lifestyle-based concept of sufficiency economy philosophy.
3. To provide opportunities and alternatives to reduce cost and generate income to the household.
4. To allow people to use their free time to benefit.

2) Title of the Project "Production guide the learning process integrated, operational support agricultural extension officers in the field and farmer trainers for learning organization", year 2015, with the objective of:-
1. To provide agricultural extension officer and a field guide to learning resources through farmer organizations effectively, effectiveness and implementation of professional learning process.
2. The groups or farmers' organizations are central to the learning process integrated, Development of human resources in agriculture. This will help the government can provide knowledge to farmers, communities and society in a holistic manner. And with the economy Meet the needs of the area
(A system of human resource development in economy).

3. To develop and promote agriculture field officers and farmer trainers feature.
Case Study : To strengthen the capacity of Knowledge Management for Community... Trainer for the Knowledge Management for Community Development, project on Income Generating,
local knowledge Management and setting up Communal Rubber Drying plant" at Tungkruy sub-district, Phuzang District, Payao province, year2008

3) Title of the Project "To improve the lives of farmers through farmers' organizations to source's genes. The Farmers Cooperative Housing", year 2009-2012, with the objective of:-
1. To strengthen the capacity of agricultural extension officers in the field (Responsible for the Economic Extension). In the learning process. Outlining lessons (Trainer for Farmer Trainer and Leader.
2. To apply the lessons learned to produce learning materials on their own through E-Learning.
3. To study patterns and how to develop human resources in agricultural extension through K-Shop.

4) Title of the Project "The production of learning materials on their own through E-Learning", year 2007-2008, with the objective of:-
1. To strengthen the capacity of the Department of Agriculture personnel responsible for training and developing human resources in agriculture. The production and use of self-learning company.
2. To study ways and means of developing human resources in the way of formal education. Both as a producer and the use of media self-learning system through E-Learning.
3. To increase for Facilitation Skill.
5) Title of the Project "The evaluating and monitoring the results of the Training project", year 1986-1987, with the object of:-
1. To strengthen the rigor of academic training to those responsible for the training of the Department of Agricultural Extension alllevels (Master Trainer).
2. To prepare a manual for conducting training to those responsible for the training of the Department of Agricultural Extension
3. To strengthen the training of those responsible for the Department of Agriculture in a network of associates and joint operations integrated.

Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Bachelor degree, Sciences Art (Education), Ramkhamheang university, year 1977
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Ubolwan Arayaphong, 2014, CLMV and Agricultural Leaderning Exchange in Thailand, Journal of
Agricultural Extension, Volume 260, Page 18-21, Agricultural Cooperatives Union Press.
2. Ubolwan Arayaphong, 2014, Agricultural market and Logistic Management to Asean Economic Community Commencement, Journal of Agricultural Extension, Volume 262, Page 19-21, Agricultural Cooperatives Union Press.
3. Ubolwan Arayaphong, 2014, World Food Day 2014, Journal of Agricultural Extension, Volume 263, Page 4-7, Agricultural Cooperatives Union Press.
4. Ubolwan Arayaphong, 2015, Achievement Day of 250,000 Ton Organizer Fertilizer usage, Journal of Agricultural Extension, Volume 265, Page 31-33, Agricultural Cooperatives Union Press.
5. Ubolwan Arayaphong, 2015, Aspire to be Professional in Agricultural Management, Journal of
Agricultural Extension, Volume 267, Page 17-18, Agricultural Cooperatives Union Press
1. Honorary Advisor for Association of Thai Agricultural Ex-trainees from Japan, year 2010
2. Honorable Officer Award for New Public Governance, year 2010 and 2003
3. Certificate of Attendance "The 6th IFYE World Conference Programme, 23-29 August 1992,
Taipei, Taiwan
4. Scholarship Award for Training and Technology Transfer Program in the Philippines, hosted by IRRI, year 1990
Organisation nature
Agricultural Extension
Organisation street address
Bureau of Technology Transfer Development,
Department of Agricultural Extension, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
2143/1 Phahonyothin Road, Chatuchak,
Organisation city
Organisation post code
Organisation country