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Vijendra Singh

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Plant Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
Deputy Director
Arid Zone Circle
Telephone number
91 291 40415,41736
Work experience
About 30 years experience on the flora, floristics, biodiversity, ecology and ecosystems, economic and medicinal plants of Indian desert accrued in association with local people rrevealed that the biomass of Indian desert if under pressure mainly due to poverty, thick population of cattle, free grazing practices and lack of alterntive sources for survival particularly fire-wood. The Aravalli hill range has also become naked at several points and not only a lithophytic desert has been evolving gradually, but also the sandy desert is marching further eastwards across the Aravalli range. The afforestation projects started during recent years, have, considerably increased precipitation in the desert. Hence, proper scientific measures are required to be taken up for combating the desertification and mitigating the drought.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
B.Sc. Botany, Zoology and Chemistry, Agra University, 1965._x000D_
M.Sc. Botany, Meerut University, 1967._x000D_
Ph.D. Taxonomy, Meerut University, 1974.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Singh, V. & R.P. Randey (1983). Economic and medicinal plants of Indian desert. Desert Resources and Technology 1:307-362 (Jodhpur)._x000D_
2. Singh, V. & B.V. Shetty (1977). A survey of natural plant resources of Rajasthan desert. Trans. Isdt. UCDS 2(2):296-305 (Jodhpur)._x000D_
3. Singh, V. (1979). Phytogeographical reassessment on the flora of Rajasthan. J. Bombay. Nat. Hist. Soc. 74(3):444-452._x000D_
4. Pandey, R.P. & V. Singh (1985). A reassessment of biological spectrum of the flora of Rajasthan desert. Trans. Isdt. UCDS 10(1):121-128 (Jodhpur)._x000D_
5. Singh, V. & R.P. Pandey (1985). Problems of fire-wood in Rajasthan desert. Trans. ISDT & UCDS. 10(2):9-13.
Other activities
1. Phytosociology._x000D_
2. Ethnobotany._x000D_
3. Geobotany and biogeochemical studies._x000D_
4. Taxonomy and systematics
Organisation name
Botanical Survey of India
Organisation street address
Post Bag 46, P.O. Nandan Van_x000D_
775/86 Subhas Nagar, Khemka Kuan, 342008
Organisation city
Organisation country