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Vivek Saxena

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Agricultural Sciences
Natural Resource Management
Political Science
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Job function
Deputy Inspector General
Forests (Wild Life) and PS to Minister
Telephone number
0091 11 24362065
Work experience
Member of Indian Forest Service(1991 Batch) ,Haryana Cadre, with about 21 years of experience in Forest management, Forest conservation, Environmental Management, Joint forest management, Community forestry, Watershed management, Wetland Management, Project formulation, Wild life management ,Medicinal plants, Implementation of Externally aided EU and JBIC projects, Forestry research, Agroforestry, Micro planning, Desertification, Tree Improvement, Nursery Management, Forest administration , Forest and environment laws, Budgeting ,Resource Mobilization, Animal welfare, Eco-tourism, Himalayan Environment issues, Coordination with ICIMOD, Cadre management of Indian Forest Service Officers, HR,IT and web based applications, Biodiversity, Desertification Cell and United Nation Convention to Combat Desertification.(UNCCD) etc._x000D_
As Deputy Conservator of Forests in Haryana State, worked in Jind, Hisar Community Forestry, Research & Training Pinjore, Working Plan, Rohtak, Karnal, Rewari and Bhiwani Divisions, during which I was responsible for afforestation programs, raising of quality seedlings, forest protection, wild life conservation, implementation of forest and wild life laws, formulation and implementation of annual work plans, community and social forestry programs, implementation of externally aided EU assisted community forestry project and JBIC assisted forestry project, Integrated Natural Resources Management and PovertyReduction Project”, development of herbal parks, promotion of medicinal plants, research and training related forestry projects, capacity building, formulation of working plans for forestry divisions, microplanning, zoo management etc.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
- Ph.D in “Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Potential of Agroforestry in Northern Plains of India” (2013)_x000D_
- Master’s Degree in Forestry (2years training course for Indian Forest Service Officers)(1994)_x000D_
- Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Law from Indian Law Institute, New Delhi (2009)_x000D_
- M.Sc in Physics with specialization in Electronics from Lucknow University (1987)
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Agroforestry marketing pattern, price trends and facilities in Northern India:-Paper presented at IUFRO workshop on “Human Dimensions of Family, Farm and Community Forestry” at Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, U.S.A, March 29,2004-April 1,2004._x000D_
2. India:Rehabilitation of Degraded Lands,- Rajneesh Dube, Swayamprabha Das, and Vivek Saxena,Combating Desertification and Land Degradation;Proven Practices from Asia and the Pacific;UNCCD Publication(pp; 67-82,2012)_x000D_
3. Poplar’s Role in Socio-economic & Environmental Sustainability through Small- scale Private Forestry in North India”, Paper presented at IUFRO sponsored Fourth International Poplar Symposium to be held in Nanjing, China on June 5-9,2006_x000D_
4. Paper presentation on “Climate Change & Himalayan Mountains; Mitigation and Adaptation options for meeting challenges of Sustainable Livelihoods, Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Services” during IUFRO conference on “Mountain Forests in a Changing World” at Vienna, Austria, during April2-4, 2008._x000D_
5. Presentation on “Carbon Sequestration Potential of Agroforestry; Policies, Issues and Barriers” at 2nd World Congress on Agroforestry at Nairobi, Kenya, 24-28th August,2009.
Other activities
- UNCCD Science and Technology Correspondent for India (since 2010)._x000D_
- Member of Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad, India.
Organisation name
Ministry of Environment and Forests
Organisation street address
CGO Complex_x000D_
Lodhi Road, 110003
Organisation city
New Delhi
Organisation country