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Independent experts nominated by country party

Willem R.J. Van Cotthem

First name
Willem R.J.
Last name
Van Cotthem
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Soil Science
Plant Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
Honorary Professor
Telephone number
32 9 356 86 16
Work experience
1. Soil Conditioning: development of soil conditioners TERRACOTTEM; research projects in Senegal, 1985, Guinea, 1986, Cabo Verde, 1987 & 1989, Ivory Coast, 1993, Arizona, 1997; reforestation and horticulture, Burkina Faso 1988 (still running); horticulture, China, 1995-1999._x000D_
2. Botany: Plant morphology 1964-94, Univ. of Ghent._x000D_
3. Organizer of several scientific expeditions.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Ph. D., Plant Morphology, University of Ghent, 1969.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Green hope for dry regions - Flanders 7: 28-30 (1990)._x000D_
2. Restoring the natural vegetation on strong eroded volcanic soils of Cape Verde (W. Africa) - Soil Technology 4:183-189 (1991)._x000D_
3. Use of mini-rhizotrons to study effects of soil conditioners upon the root growth - Soil Technology 5:97-100 (1992)._x000D_
4. The effect of a soil conditioning mixture on plant growth. Belg. J. Bot. 126:87-94 (1993)._x000D_
5. Plant growth and absorption of nutrients to soil conditioning polymers - Belg. J. Bot. 126:173-179 (1993).
Other activities
1. Coordinator Belgian Experts on Desertification._x000D_
2. Belgian Representative in CST of CCD._x000D_
3. Member, Academy of Sciences of Belgium._x000D_
4. President TC DIALOGUE Foundation.
1. Academy of Sciences of Belgium
Organisation name
University of Ghent
Organisation street address
Beeweg 36, B-9080
Organisation city
Organisation country