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Independent experts nominated by country party

Xi Chen

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
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Geographical Focus
Job function
Director general
Xinjiang institute of ecology and geography
Telephone number
86 991 7885303
Work experience
1.Water resources regulation and management system for Tarim river basin, Key project of Would Bank and National project, 2 Million US$ (2004-2008) (PI) _x000D_
2. Water resource project for the village, UNDP project, 1.2 Million US$ (2007-2010) (PI)_x000D_
3. Effect study of LUCC in recent 50 years to the regional circulation and evaporation process in arid central Asia region , National Science Foundation of China, 0.3 Million US$ (2008-2011) (PI)_x000D_
4. The carbon circulation in saline-alkali soil and global change in arid region, National Key Basic Research Program of China, 4.8Million US$ (2009-2013) (PI)_x000D_
5. The regulation and management study at the north-west arid ecosystem Arid ecosystem development and management research in West China, National Key Basic Research Program of China, and 0.5Million US$ (1999-2004) (PI)
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Bachelor,hydrology,xinjiang university,1985._x000D_
Master,water resources management, institute of geography,Chinese academy of sciences, 1988._x000D_
Doctor,Hydrology and water resources,Wuhan university,2003
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1.CHEN Xi, LUO Geping, XIA JUN, ZHOU Kefa, YE Minquan. Ecological response to the climate change on the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang. Science in China Series D, 2005, 48(6): 765-777._x000D_
2.CHEN Xi, HUANG Yue, QIAN Jing, LIU Hailong, FENG Xianwei. The simulation of Ecological water demand management for overflow burst inland river in arid region: case study of Canmuli ecological region in Tarim river basin. Science in China (D), 2006, 36(II):1-8._x000D_
3. Hai-Long Liu, Xi Chen, An-Ming Bao, Ling Wang. Investigation of groundwater response to overland flow and topography using a coupled MIKE SHE/MIKE 11 modeling system for an arid watershed. Journal of Hydrology, Volume 347, Issues 3-4, 30 December 2007, Pages 448-459_x000D_
4. Huang Y F, Chen X, Huang G H, et al. GIS-based distributed model for simulating runoff and sediment load in the Malian River Basin, Hydrobiologia, 2003, 494: 127-134._ _x000D_
5. DOU Yan, CHEN Xi. 2007. Responses to land-use change and water resources in the Tarim River watershed of Central Asia. IAHS Publ. 316, 252-260.
Other activities
1. President of Xinjiang association of natural resources _x000D_
2. President of Xinjiang association of remote sensing application _x000D_
3. Vice President of China association of natural resources _x000D_
4. Vice President of Xinjiang association of geography _x000D_
5. Vice President of China association of remote sensing application
1. Integrated information system of ecological management in arid land of china, National Grade II Prize of Science and Technology Progress (2006_x000D_
2. Outstanding youth in Chinese Academic Science (2006) _x000D_
3. Outstanding Expert in Chinese science and technolegy (2010)
Organisation name
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Organisation street address
818 south Beijing road
Organisation city
Organisation country