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Xiangning Jiang

Prof. Dr.
First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Agricultural Sciences
Plant Science
Environmental Sciences
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
United States of America
Job function
Laboratory of Forest Biology and Biotechnology of Forestry Administration
Telephone number
86 10 62338063/13911258851
Work experience
Professor Dr. Xiangning JIANG, has served as a professor assistant (1985-1994), associate professor (1994-1997) and full professor (1997-present) at the Experimental Center of Forest Biology, Beijing Forestry University since 1992. His major teaching responsibilities include Plant Physiology, Biochemistry, Plant Hormone Analysis, Instrumental Analysis(Practical Course Instructor), Plant Molecular Biology, and Bioinformatics, etc. As first author, co-author and corresponding author, he has published over 100 publications on local and international journals such as Journal of Biological Chemistry, Annals of Botany, New Phytologist, Journal of Biogeography, Tree Physiology, Plant Growth Regulation, Journal of Food and Agricultural Chemistry, Plant Physiology, Aquatic Toxicology and Biotechnology Letter and received 6 Scientific Achievement Awards and an 4 Invention Patents of China. At moment he is a full professor of the Beijing Forestry University and director of the Laboratory of Ornamental and Tree Breeding and Biotechnology of State Forestry Administrative of China.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Visiting Scholar, Molecular Biology, University of Connecticut, 2000-2001 PostDoc, Ecophysiology, University of Antwerp, 1993-1994 _x000D_
PhD,Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences,1992 _x000D_
MsD,Forestry, Beijing Forestry University,1982-1985 _x000D_
BS, Hunan Agricultural University, 1978-1982
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Yonglin Hu, Ying Gai, Lei Yin, Xiaoxue Wang, Chunyan Feng, Lei Feng, Defeng Li,a Xiang-Ning Jiang, and Da-Cheng Wanga,Crystal Structures of Populus tomentosa 4-Cuomarate:CoA Ligase Shed Light on Its Enzymatic Mechanisms The Plant Cell, 2010, Vol. 22: 3093–3104, September 2010(SCI: 10.314)_x000D_
2. Weiqi Chen1, Ying Gai1, Shichang Liu1, Renxiao Wang2 and Xiangning Jiang Quantitative Analysis of Cytokinins in Plants by High Performance Liquid Chromatography: Electronspray Ionization Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 2010, Vol. 52 (10): 925–932(SCI: 1.395)_x000D_
3 YUPENG TAN,† KE LI,†,‡ LEI HU,§ SHU CHEN,† YING GAI,*,†,‡ AND XIANGNING JIANG*,†,‡ Fast and Simple Droplet Sampling of Sap from Plant Tissues and Capillary Microextraction of Soluble Saccharides for Picogram-Scale Quantitative Determination with GC-MS Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2010, Vol. 58, 9931–9935(SCI: 2.469)_x000D_
4. Dong-Dong Wang & Hua Bai &Wei-Qi Chen & Hai Lu & Xiang-Ning Jiang Identifying a Cinnamoyl Coenzyme A Reductase (CCR) Activity with 4-Coumaric Acid: Coenzyme A Ligase (4CL) Reaction Products in Populus tomentosa Journal of Plant Biology, 2009, Vol. 52:482–491(SCI: 0.851)_x000D_
5. Jiqing Gou,a Steven H. Strauss,b Chung Jui Tsai,c Kai Fang,d Yiru Chen,a Xiangning Jiang,d and Victor B. Busova,1Gibberellins Regulate Lateral Root Formation in Populus through Interactions with Auxin and Other Hormones The Plant Cell, 2010, Vol. 22: 623–639, March 2010(SCI: 10.314)
Other activities
1. Membership of Chinese Forestry Association _x000D_
2. Member of National Natural Science Foundation of China Evaluation _x000D_
3. Member of National Degree Council of Central Government of China
1. National Science and Technology Award of P.R.China, Second Class,2002 2. 2. Natural Science and Technology Award of Beijing Government,2nd Class,2003_x000D_
3. Natural Science and Technology Award of Beijing Government,2nd Class,2001
Organisation name
Beijing Forestry University
Organisation street address
No 35, Qinghua Donglu, Haidian District, Qinghua Donglu, 100083
Organisation city
Organisation country