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Independent experts nominated by country party

Xiaohui Yang

Dr. Prof
First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Soil Science
Information Systems
UN languages spoken


Job function
Chief Expert
Institute of Desertification Studies
Telephone number
86 10 62824059
Work experience
1 Domestic Expert in UNDP Project “Chinese Capacity Building on Combating Desertification” In 1997- 2000; _x000D_
2 Domestic Expert In Sino-Korea Technical Cooperation Project “Desertification Combating And Sand Industry Development In China” As A In 1997-2000; _x000D_
3 Domestic Expert for UNDP Project “Information System On Desertification Monitoring And Assessment At County Level” In 1999;_x000D_
4 Domestic Expert For Sino-German Cooperation Project “Watershed Management In Minyun Reservoir Of Beijing” In 2000-2008; _x000D_
5 Domestic Leading Expert for Sino-Malaysia Cooperation Project “Ecomat Application in Sand Sources Areas around Beijing” Since 2002._x000D_
6 Consultant ExpertfFor Jica Project "Investigation of China's Desertification Status" In 2002-2003;_x000D_
7 Domestic Expert for Gef/Undp Project “Self-Assessment Of Capacity Need For Implementing UNCCD In China" In 2004-2005;_x000D_
8 Domestic Expert for JICA Project "Investigation of Cooperation Potential for Eco-Environmental Protection In Arid And Semi-Arid Area Of China" In 2004-2005;_x000D_
9 Domestic Expert For JICA Project “Demonstration And Plan of Revegetation In Blown Sand Source Area Of Beijing" In 2006-2009; _x000D_
10 Expert Team Leader for IUCN Project "The Livelihoods And Landscapes Strategy (LLS)" In 2008-2010
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Ph D. Soil and Water Conservation, Beijing Forestry University, 2000
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Yang Xiaohui, Jiazhiqing, Ci Longjun. 2010. Assessing Effects of Afforestation Projects in China, Nature, 466:315 2 Yang Xiaohui, Ci Longjun, Zhang Xinshi. 2008. Dry land Characteristics And Its Optimized Eco-Productive Paradigms for Sustainable Development in China, Natural Resource Forum, 32:215-227 _x000D_
3 Yang X., Ci L. 2008. Comment On “Why Large-Scale Afforestation Efforts In China Have Failed To Solve The Desertification Problem”. Environnemental Science &Technologie, 42(20):7722-7723 _x000D_
4 Yang X, Zhang K, Jia B, Ci L. 2005. Desertification Assessment in China: An Overview, Journal of Arid Environments, 63:517-531_x000D_
5 Longjun, Ci, And Xiaohui, Yang. Desertification and Its Control In China, Springer, 2009
Other activities
1 To Host State Key Sci&Tech Project in Tenth Five-Year Plan Entitled “Demonstration Area in Integrated Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Development In Ordos Plateau” In 2002-2005_x000D_
2 To Host State Key Sci&Tech Project in Tenth Five-Year Plan Entitled "Vegetation Restoration Techniques in Hulun Buir Sandland" In 2005-2007;_x000D_
3 To Host National Natural Science Foundation of China Entitled “Spatial Pattern of Vegetation and Its Ecological Functions in Ordos Plateau" In 2005-2008_x000D_
4 To Host National Natural Science Foundation of China Entitled “Land use Change and Its Tempo-Spatial Optimized Pattern in Mu Us Sandland" In 2006-2009;_x000D_
5 To Host State Key Sci&Tech Project In Eleventh Five-Year Plan Entitled "Study and Demonstration Of Degraded Vegetation Restoration in Northern Sand Source Area Around Beijing And Tianjin" In 2006-2010;
1 The National Second-Class Sci&Tech Prize By China Government in 2006 (Rank 6)_x000D_
2 The Second-Class Sci&Tech Prize By Beijing Municipal Government in 2004 (Rank 4)_x000D_
3 The Second-Class Sci&Tech Prize By Beijing Municipal Government in 2005N (Rank 4)
Organisation name
Chinese Academy of Forestry
Organisation street address
.O.BOX 35, Institute Of Desertification Studies, Chinese Academy Of Forestry, Yiheyuanhou, Haidian District, 100091
Organisation city
Organisation country