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Xiaomin Fang

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Physical Science
Soil Science
Climate change and adaptation
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Job function
Assistant to Head
Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research
Telephone number
86 10 6284-9697
Work experience
My major interests and experience are using knowledge and information from the present processes of sand dunes, dusts, salt lakes and alluvial fans in semi-arid and arid regions of Central Asia and Tibet Plateau to interpret geologic records for understanding of changes and driving mechanisms of past climate and environments, especially drying of Asia in relation to uplift of the Tibet Plateau. For these, I have investigated most areas of Central Asia and Tibet Plateau, mapping the distribution of sand dunes, dust accumulation and loess deposition on the Tibet Plateau and its surrounding areas, and collecting many samples from modern soils, lakes and rivers to try to build up relationships between present climate and various sedimentary, geochemical and magnetic proxies of the samples. Then I use this information to interpret proxy records from samples taken from basin sediments and loess deposits to reconstruct past climate history, and finally use modern knowledge to understand its mechanisms.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
PhD, Physical Geography, Lanzhou University, 1992 (also Jointly-trained PhD at University of Leicester, UK in Physical geography in 1990-1992); MSc, Physical Geography, Lanzhou University, 1987; BSc, Geology, Lanzhou University, 1983
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Han, Y.X., Fang, X.M., Zhao, T.L. and Kang, S.C., 2008. Long range trans-Pacific transport and deposition of Asian dust aerosols. Journal of Environmental Science, 20, 1–5._x000D_
2. Fang, X.M., Han, Y.X., Ma, J.H., Song, L.C. and Yang, S.L., 2004. Dust storms and loess accumulation on the Tibetan Plateau: a case study of dust event on 4 March 2003 in Lhasa. Chinese Science Bulletin, 49, 953-960_x000D_
3. Fang, X.M., Lianqing Lü, Joseph A. Mason, Shengli Yang, Zhisheng An and Jijun Li, 2003. Pedogenic response to millennial summer monsoon enhancements on the Tibetan Plateau. Quaternay International, 106/107, 79-88._x000D_
4. Fang, X.M., Shi, Z.T., Yang, S.L., Yan, M.D., Li, J.J. and Jiang, P.A., 2002. Loess in the Tian Shan and its implications for the development of the Gurbantunggut Desert and drying of northern Xinjiang. Chinese Science Bulletin, 47(16), 1381-1387_x000D_
5. Fang, X.-M., Ono, Y., Fukusawa, H., Pan, B.-T., Li, J.-J., Guan, D.-H., Oi, K., Tsukamoto, S., and Torii, T., 1999. Asian summer monsoon instability during the past 60,000 years: magnetic susceptibility and pedogenic evidence from the western Chinese Loess Plateau. Earth and Planeteary Science Letters, 168, 219-232.
Other activities
1. Chairman, Working Group on Paleosol and Paleoclimatic Change, Paleopedology Comm., INQUA / ISSS (1995-1999; 1999-2003; 2003-2007)_x000D_
2. Executive director, The China Society on Tibet Plateau._x000D_
3. Editorial board member of Chinese Science Bulletin._x000D_
4. Organizing the International Symposium on Paleosols and Paleoclimatic Change, Lanzhou, 7.27-30, 1998, and edited and published the symposium peer-reviewed papers in Chinese Science Bulletin (Fang, X.M. and Nettleton, D. (Eds.), 1999. Climatic Change: Pedological and Soil Rock Magnetic Approaches. Chin. Sci. Bull., 44 (Suppl. 1), Sci. In China Press, Beijing, 288pp.) _x000D_
5. Organizing the 24th Himalaya-Karakulun-Tibet Workshop, Beijing, 8.11-14, 2009.
1. 1996 Awarded “Outstanding Young Scientist Prize for Studying the Tibetan Plateau _x000D_
2. 1999 Awarded “Excellent Young Researcher Fund of China” by the NSFC and “Hundred Talents _x000D_
3. 2007, awarded with the 2nd Class of Prize for National Natural Science of China.
Organisation name
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Organisation street address
Shuangqing Rd. 18, 100085
Organisation city
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