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Independent experts nominated by country party

Xu Zhang

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Information Systems
Job function
Ass. Professor/Director
Network Department, RIFRIT
Telephone number
86 10 62889180
Work experience
I have been in the field of computer application in forest since I graduated in 1983. As a programmer and a key member, I designed and developed many MISs and databases, such as the Wood Lumberyard Management System for Forest Bureau in Dongjing City, Northeast China in 1985, the National Forestry Information Retrieve System for the Forestry Information Center ofMinistry of Forest in 1987, the Road & Highway Information Database for counties and cities in Shanxi province in 1994, the Land Information System for Langfang City in Hebei province in 1994, etc. Muleng county and the Forest Resource Information System for Forest Bureau in Mudanjiang City were completed. Since 1996, I was promoted to be the director of Network Department, Research Institute of Forest Resource Informtion Technique (RIFRIT), Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF), the National Forestry Information Network and the Forest Resource Information Sharing on Internet are being in progress. FRIS is a key project of the
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Master of Science, Computer Appliation, Chinese Science and Technology University, 1996._x000D_
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Peking University, 1990.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Zhang Xu 1995, Study on design of the LAN for Genhe Forest Bureau "Forest Resource Management" 2:p. 104-105._x000D_
2. Qian Yanyou, Zhang Xu 1995. Study on land management system for counties and cities, "Forst Resource Management" 2: p. 46-49._x000D_
3. Zhang Xu 1995, Study on the forest management system base on C/S model, "Forest Resource Management" 6: p. 30-34._x000D_
4. Zhang Xu 1996, The design & development of PCLIS: A spatial informtion system for land management, collected by the National Database of Degree Thesis on State Level._x000D_
5. Zhang Xu 1996, Establishment of Computer Network for Scientific Research in CAF, "Forest Management of Science and Technology" 1:47-49.
Other activities
1. Member of Academic Committee, RIFRIT, CAF._x000D_
2. Member of Chinese Society of Forestry (CSF)._x000D_
3. Member of Association of Computer Sciences, CSF._x000D_
4. National Technician of UNDP project CPR/96/109._x000D_
5. National Technician of UNDP project CPR/96/111.
1. The Thired Level Awardfor the Wood Lumberyard Management System by Ministry of Forest in 1986._x000D_
2. The First Level Award for the Land Information System by State Land Management Bureau in 1995._x000D_
3. The First Level Award for the Land Information Syst
Organisation name
Chinese Academy of Forestry
Organisation street address
1 Dongxiaofu, Haidian District, 100091
Organisation city
Organisation country