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Independent experts nominated by country party

Yongquing Meng

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Job function
Chinese academy of Forestry, Beijing
Telephone number
86 10 62 88 97 19
Work experience
-Forest establishment, forestation is an important way to control desertification. 1980 conducted activity for rehabilitation in mountain area with serve soil erosion through Larch forest establishment. Demonstration Project of Populus Euphratica Protection and Rehabilitation on Talimu River Reaches in Xingjiang. Established Populus Euphratica plantation mixed with some local brush species._x000D_
-joined to formulate a national desertification control program that was organized by the Ministry of Forestry of China in the middle of 1990._x000D_
-Head of the Project: Quingzhou Fangchenggang Forestry Action Plan”, in cooperation with FAO office of Asian-Pacific region based on Bangkock. Completed the action plan through two-year field investigation in Guangxi, tropical region, South China. 1997-2000. _x000D_
-put forward plan on local vegetation rehabilitation to Lanzhou government, 2001, Ganshu province based on my field survey that is combination of tree, bush and grass planting on the dry hill_x000D_
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
-BS, Forestry, Forestry Department of Nanjing Forestry Univ._x000D_
-MS, Forestry to combat land degradation in north of China, Institute of Forestry Research of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, Bejing China
Number of Publications
Publication titles
-“Radiata Pine and its possible extension in China.” Chinese Green Daily, 28. jan. 2003_x000D_
-“Status and development Trend of World Forestry Science and Technology.” Forestry Press, 2000_x000D_
-“Action program to combat desertification..” Forestry press, 1996_x000D_
-“Forestry Development Strategy facing Agenda 21.” Forestry press, 1996_x000D_
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Other activities
-Consulting as an expert of China’s Planning Committee, 2001/2000 in Baishan, Jilin province for local forestry development; in Lanzhou, Ganshu province for a state project on local vegetation rehabilitation in mountain areas, in Shihezi, Xingjiang, West of China_x000D_
-Consulting worked for an agroforestry project of Western Australia_x000D_
-consulting for ITTO experts, expert from CIFOR, Business Section of Canada embassy, CSIRO of Australia, etc.
-Chinese Water and Soil Conservation Association_x000D_
-Chinese Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management Society_x000D_
-Chinese Gingko Society_x000D_
-Chinese Society of World Forestry
Organisation name
Beijing Forestry University
Organisation street address
Chinese academy of Forestry, Beijing_x000D_
100091, China
Organisation city
Organisation country