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Yongzhen Tian

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Soil Science
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In 1983, Tian Yongzhen graduated from Desert management department of Inner Mongolia forestry institute. He persisted in working steadily, with precise scientific attitude and realistic initiative spirit, and achieved remarkable results. By 2009, he has successively presided and completed 23 research projects, which have reached the advanced international standard and being leading domestic level in their fields. Nineteen of them have won country's forestry department, the ministry of education and Inner Mongolia autonomous regions scientific and technological progress awards. One was the first Prize for 2008 National Ministry of Education Science-Technology Progress, one was awarded for technological progress the first prize of 2004 Inner Mongolia autonomous region and One for 1998 national ministry of forestry Science-Technology Progress the third prize.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Bachelor , Natural recurce management , Inner Mongolia agriculture university ,1983
Publication titles
1.Study on ecological restoration and reconstructon in West-slope of Helan moutain-Easten rim of Tengli desert, The international press ,Yongzhen Tian,Beijing_x000D_
2. Analecta of the Millennium Youth Forestry Research, Inner Mongolia. 1997, Inner Mongolia People's Press._x000D_
3. Theory and practice of desertification prevention and cure. 1998, Inner Mongolia University Press._x000D_
4. Theory and Practice of Forestry ecological construction in western China. 2001, China Frostry Press._x000D_
5. Desert Resource. 2005, Inner Mogolia People’s Press.
Other activities
1. Inner Mongolia Forestry Society director_x000D_
2. Inner Mongolia Botanical Society director_x000D_
3.Traditional Chinese Medicine director
1. The first prize of Science-Technology Progress in 2008_x000D_
2. Inner Mongolia autonomous region has awarded one the first prize for Science-Technology Progress in 2004_x000D_
3. National Ministry of Forestry has awarded one the third prize for Science-Technology Progress in 1998
Organisation name
China National Desertification Monitoring Center
Organisation street address
Inner Mongolia ,Bayanhaote
Organisation city
Organisation country