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Independent experts nominated by country party

Yuanming Zhang

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Plant Science
Thematic Areas
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Job function
Lab of Biogeography and Bioresource in Arid Land, CAS
Telephone number
86 991 7823158
Work experience
Mainly focused on the research of biodiversity in arid areas, especially in north-western China. Recently, as a main scientist, he leads a young scientific group carrying out research work on the functions of biodiversity in desert ecosystems, which were financially supported by National Nature foundation of China and CAS (totally 1.5 million RMB). More recently, as the secretary in general of Xinjiang Botanical Society, he has just finished a GEF SGF project in 2011, Community-based Participatory Conservation and Sustainable Management of Biodiversity in Junggar Desert Ecosystem, Xinjiang, Northwestern China, and achieved a positive feedback from local society and government. His research has contributed to policy-making on biodiversity conservation in Junger Basin Desert and Tarim river valley. He has published 40s academic papers both in international journals and Chinese Journals, such as GEODERMA, Journal of Arid Environment, Journal of Hydrology, Biology and Fertility of Soils and so on
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
B.S. Botany , Xinjiang Normal University, 1995 _x000D_
M.S. Botany, Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, CAS, 1998 _x000D_
Ph.D. Ecology, Applied Institute of Ecology, CAS, 2002
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Zhang Yuanming, Wang Hongling, Wang Xueqin, Yang Weikang, Zhang Daoyuan. 2006. The microstructure of microbiotic crust and its influence on wind erosion for a sandy soil surface in the Gurbantunggut Desert of Northwestern China. Geoderma, 132: 441-449_x000D_
2. Zhang Yuanming, Y.N. Chen and B.R. Pan. 2005. Distribution and floristics of desert plant communities in the lower reaches of Tarim River, southern Xinjiang, People’s Republic of China. Journal of Arid Environments, 63: 772-784. _x000D_
3. Zhang Yuanming. 2005. The microstructure and formation of biological soil crusts in their early developmental stage. Chinese Science Bulletin. 50(2): 117-121. _x000D_
4. Zhang Y.M., Chen J., Wang L., Wang X.Q., Gu Z.H. 2007. The spatial distribution patterns of biological soil crusts in the Gurbantunggut Desert, Northern Xinjiang, China. Journal of Arid Environments, 68: 599-610._x000D_
5. Zhang Yuanming and Wang Xueqin. 2008. Biological Soil Crusts in Jungar Basin. Publisher: China Science Press.
Other activities
1. Secretary in General of Xinjiang Botanical Society _x000D_
2. Vice-Editor in Chief of Arid Land Research (in Chinese)
1. The Youth Scientist Award of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
Organisation name
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Organisation street address
818 South Beijing Road, 830011
Organisation city
Urumqi, Xinjiang
Organisation country