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Independent experts nominated by country party

Yujun Liu

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Job function
Associate Professor
Experimental Center of Forestry Biology
Telephone number
86 10 6233 8171
Work experience
1. Study on Rooting of Woody Plants: Roles played by phytohormones such as IAA, ABA, CK and ethylene, in rooting of woody plants were investigated. It is found that the initiation of adventitious roots is controlled by phytohormones. The results demonstrated that lack of endogenous hormones, especially CK is responsible for hard-to-rooting of many woody plants._x000D_
2. Phototropism of High Plants: Phototropism of Maize and Arabidopsis were studied during my Ph.D. study in Japan. It was uncovered that phytochrome, a photoreceptor responsible for many photomorphogenic responses induced by red and far-red light, is also involved in the process perceiving the signal of blue light by plants._x000D_
3. Photomorphogenesis, Photoecology of Forestry. The project is now undertaken. We expect to solve several problems on utility of photon energy in forestry by using phytochrome mutants and techniques of molecular biology.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
BS: Forestry Biology, Shandong Agricultural University, China, 1985._x000D_
MS: Plant Physiology, Beijing Forestry University, China, 1988._x000D_
Ph.D.: Photobiology, Osaka City University, Japan 1997.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Zheng, J.B., Liu Y.J. & Pei B.H. (1991). A Study on Rooting Capacity of Shoot Cuttings of Cypress Tree Species. Scientia Silvae Sinicae, 27(1): 73-78._x000D_
2. Zheng J.B., Liu Y.J., Pei B.H. & Jiang X.N. (1991) Relationship Between Adventitious Root Formation and Endogenous IAA and ABA of Several Tree Species. Acta Physiologica, 17(3): 313-316._x000D_
3. Zheng J.B., Liu Y.J. & Pei B.H. (1993). Effect of Ethylene on Adventitious Root Initiation of I-69 Poplar Stem Cuttings. Scientia Silvae Sinicae, 29(1): 19-24._x000D_
4. Liu Y.J. & Iino M. (1996a) Effects of Red Light on the Fluence-response Relationship for Pulse-induced Phototropism of Maize Coleoptiles. Plant, Cell and Environment, 19: 609-614._x000D_
5. Liu Y.J. & Iino M. (1996b) Phytochrome Is Required for the Occurrence of Time-dependent Phototropism in Maize Coleoptiles. Plant, Cell & Environment, 19: 1379-1388.
Other activities
1. Plant Physiology Society of Hebei Province, China._x000D_
2. Tree Physiology Society of China._x000D_
3. The Society of Botany of Japan._x000D_
4. The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists.
Organisation name
Beijing Forestry University
Organisation city
Organisation country