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Independent experts nominated by country party

Yunshe Dong

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Soil Science
Agricultural Sciences
Natural Resource Management
Job function
Deputy Director
Terrestrial land surface process research
Telephone number
86 10 64856500
Work experience
The main research area is experiment and study of terrestrial land surface process, which include soil salinization and desertification, C and N biogeochemistry cycle, agricultural hydrology, comprehensive improvement of fragile ecosystems._x000D_
The aims of present studies are to quantify the biogeochemical cycles of C and N, its temporal variations and regional differences, and its responds to climate changes in ecosystems based long term in situ continuous measurement. The exchange of main trace gases between terrestrial land surface and atmosphere are also investigated. _x000D_
These works are mostly funded by four agencies: State development and Planning Commission, State Science and Technique Commission, National Nature Science Foundation Commission and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Doctor, Environment geoscience, Mainz University, 2000
Publication titles
1. Z. JIN, Y. S. DONG, Y. C. QI, W.G. LIU AND Z.S. AN. Characterizing variations in soil particle size distribution along grass-desert shrub transition in the Ordos Plateau of Inner Mongolia, China. Land Degradation and Development. 2011 DOI: 10.1002/ldr.1112, Wiley, Hoboken. _x000D_
2. Qin Peng, Yunshe Dong, Yuchun Qi, Shengsheng Xiao, Yating He, Tao Ma. Effects of nitrogen fertilization on soil respiration in temperate grassland in Inner Mongolia, China. Environmental Earth Science, 2011, 62(6):1163-1171. DOI 10.1007/s12665-010-0605-4, Springer, Heidelberg. _x000D_
3. Zhuang Li, Dong Yunshe, Yin Feihu & Chen Yaning. Historical evolution and the effects of ecological management in Tarim Basin, China. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2010, 55(36):4097-4103. doi:10.1007/s11434-010-4252-7, Chinese science press, Beijing. _x000D_
4. Qi Y C, Dong Y S, Jin Z, et al. Spatial heterogeneity of soil nutrients and soil respiration in the desertified grasslands of Inner Mongolia, China. Pedosphere, 2010, 20(5):655-665. Chinese science press, Beijing. _x000D_
5. Y. Dong, D. Scharffe, J. Lobert, P. Crutzen and E. Sanhueza. Fluxes of CO2, CH4 and N2O from a temperate forest soil: the effects of leaves and humus layers. Tellus, 1998, 50B:243-252. Wiley, Hoboken
Other activities
1. Trustee of Chinese society of environmental sciences _x000D_
2. Deputy director of Xinjiang academy of reclamation and agricultural sciences _x000D_
3. Editorial member of Chinese Science Bulletin _x000D_
4. Editorial member of Journal of Arid Land
1. Advanced national promoter for production-education-study in 2010 _x000D_
2. First personal award for science serving of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2009
Organisation name
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Organisation street address
A 11, Datun road, Chaoyang district, 100101
Organisation city
Organisation country