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Independent experts nominated by country party

Ze-ping Jiang

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Job function
Associate Professor
Nat. Research & Develop. on Combating Desert.
Telephone number
86 10 62889669
Work experience
I am:_x000D_
1. Co-manager of the national key project "Selection of plant species for desertified lands" (1996-2000)._x000D_
2. Participant of the Sino-Korea cooperation project "Yellow Sand Control in China" (1996-2000)._x000D_
3. Planner of the project "Research and extension for combating desertification in China (1997-2050)". It will be carried out by Chinese Academy of Forestry._x000D_
4. Inspector of the projects of controlling desertification in Korqin, Inner Mongolia. Field visits have been arranged during 1996 to 1997._x000D_
5. Co researcher of the national key project "Tree introduction and domestication" (1991-1995). Some experimental sites located in arid and sub-arid zone in China.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Doctor, Ecology and Botany, Chinese Academy of Forestry, 1988-1991._x000D_
Master, Forest Hydrology, Beijing Forestry University, 1985-1988._x000D_
Bachelor, Forestry, Central-south Forestry College, 1981-1985.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Jiang Ze-ping. Zhang Da-hua & Ma Wen-yuan, 1998. Desertification Control and Poverty Alleviation in the World (in Chinese). World Forestry Research, 11 (in press)._x000D_
2. Jiang Ze-ping and Ma Wen-yuan, 1997. On the Strategy for Combating Desertification in China (in Chinese). Exploration of Nature (4): 231-235._x000D_
3. Jiang Ze-ping, 1997. Investigationon the Desertification Control in Korqin Sandy, Inner Mongolia. Research Paper of Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing, 14 pp._x000D_
4. Jiang Ze-ping, and Wang Huo-ran, 1997. Taxonomy of the Cupressaceae (in Chinese). Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica, 35(3): 236-248._x000D_
5. Jiang Ze-ping, 1995. Exotic trees grown in China (in Chinese). Forest Science and Technology (3): 36-38.
Other activities
I am:_x000D_
1. Technical consultant of Gansu sub-project of the UNDP funded project CPR/96/109/A/01/99 "Capacity Building Research and Extension for Sustainable Forest Management" (1997-1999). The experimental sites are located in arid zone in northwestern China._x000D_
2. Technical consultant of Hebei sub-project of the national project "Research and Extension for Sustainable Forestry in China" (1997-2010). The experimental sites are located in sub-humid zone in northren China._x000D_
3. Participant of the national project "Studies on Forest Ecosystem in subtropical China" (1990-1992). I was doing researches in the field of forest hydrology._x000D_
4. General secretariat of the Committee of Tree Introduction & Domestication. Chinese Association of Forestry._x000D_
5. Member of the Chinese Association of Scientific Writer.
Organisation name
Chinese Academy of Forestry
Organisation street address
Organisation city
Organisation country