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Ana Vuković
Ana Vuković is Assistant Professor at Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, Serbia, part time employed at Faculty of Forestry, and received all levels of her education at Department of Meteorology, Faculty of Physics. She teaches courses on meteorology, climatology and climate change. Her main expertise is related to numerical modeling of atmospheric processes and their interaction with land surface, including airborne dust transport. As external science associate she is engaged in the activities of WMO Sand and Dust Storm Warning Advisory and Assessment System. In the recently initiated COST action (InDust), related to the airborne dust transport and strengthening interconnection between data providers and end users, she is the leader of the working group responsible for dust modeling. Her professional interest is mainly focused on the development of high-resolution forecasts, which comprehend local risk problems and weather extremes. Her other research activities and expert engagements are related to implementation of high-resolution climate change modeling and risk assessment in sectors of economy and environment protection.