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Strip cropping (alternating rows)

This method can have a moderate to high efficiency with a low cost and easy establishment together with low maintenance when done as part of planting.

The method can have a short longevity if done as part of cropping activities.

The co-benefits are significant where different crops are used in different strips and process incorporates grass or bush wind breaks.

The method can be combined with no-till planting, mulching, etc.

There is a need to ensure that crop rotation (replacement of perennial with one or more annual crops) may increase erosion during planting, after harvesting or between plantings of different crops.

The method can improve soil depending on the types of crops planted.

Planting should be done perpendicular to the wind.

Can improve soil quality when planting different crops in alternate strips.

Additional information: Dust Mitigation Handbook - practices 327, 328 and 340