Current Openings

Vacant positions are posted on the following table. Candidates who wish to apply are requested to follow the specific instructions listed in each Vacancy Announcement.

Please note that receipt of applications will not be acknowledged and any further correspondence will be initiated by UNCCD.

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Title Vacancy number Level Contract duration Appointment type Application period
Video Editor and Graphics Consultant CCD/21/GM/43 NA 3 months Consultancy -
Support technical, technological & substantive work of CDIO CCD/21/STI/32 re-advertised NA 4 months Consultancy -
Communication and Digital Assistant CCD/21/COMMS/46 NA 6 months Consultancy -
Senior financial analyst to develop Debt for Land Restoration Swaps/Relief CCD/21/GM/47 NA 3months Consultancy -
Consultancy for developing a methodological guide to track financial flows for the implementation of the convention CCD/21/GM/48 NA 1month Consultancy -
Consultancy Gender study CCD/21/ERPA/45 NA 8 months Consultancy -
Internship Capacity Development & Innovation Office NA NA 3-6 months Internship -
Consultancy for E-learning course on CST CCD/21/STI/44 NA one month Consultancy -


The deadline has passed. Further applications for these positions will not be accepted.

Title Vacancy number Level Contract duration Appointment type Application period
Individual contractor- Logistics support to COP15 CCD/21/EDM/40 NA 5 weeks Consultancy -
Consultancy - to produce a Global Land Outlook regional thematic report on Southern Africa CCD/21/ERPA/39 NA 4 months Consultancy -
UNCCD-WOCAT project on Gender-responsive SLM Technologies and Approaches CCD/21/ERPA/38 NA 6 months (part-time) Consultancy -
Senior Consultant to support preparation of Blue Paper for the Intergovernmental Working Group (IWG) CCD/21/ERPA/41 NA 5 months Consultancy -
Development and launching of an E-learning course on youth, the implementation of the UNCCD CCD/21/STI/36 NA 1 month Consultancy -
Production of Promotional videos for Land for Life Programme and Land for Life Award CCD/21/COMMS/42 NA 6 weeks Consultancy -
Distance Internship LDCs and SIDS with CDIO NA NA 3-6 months Internship -
Internship with CDIO - Russian language NA NA 3-6 months Internship -
Internship - Support to Communications Unit NA NA 3-6 months Internship -
Internship - support to RLO CEE NA NA 3-6 months Internship -
National Consultant - Design of a gender responsive LDN Transformative Project in Guinea CCD/21/GM/34 NA 12 months Consultancy -
PIDACC Zambezi Programme Report Writer CCD/21/GM/37 NA 3 months Consultancy -
International Consultant - Situational Analysis – India CCD/21/GM/31 NA 9 months Consultancy -
Technical support to the UNCCD CDIO CCD/21/STI/35 NA 3 months Consultancy -
Special Assistant CCD/21/P/TEMP/02 P-3 364 days with possibility of extension Temporary -
Translation of training material from English into Spanish CCD/21/STI/33 NA 2 months Consultancy -
Support preparation of Gender responsive Transformative Projects and Programme CCD/21/GM/30 NA 12 months Consultancy -
National consultant - Support development of a gender responsive LDN Transformative Project in Montenegro CCD/21/GM/29 NA 12 months Consultancy -
Précis Editor GLO2 Regional Thematic Report on Ecosystem Restoration in Central and Eastern Europe CCD/21/ERPA/28 NA 1 month Consultancy -
Supporting the UNCCD Science-Policy Interface (SPI) on land-drought nexus approaches CCD/21/STI/24 NA 6 months Consultancy -
Consultancy to establish a UNCCD data centre including a data audit and development CCD/21/STI/27 NA 6 months Consultancy -
Prepare an updated reporting manual and glossary for the 2021-2022 national reporting process CCD/21/STI/26 NA 3 months Consultancy -
Associate Programme Officer JO:146994 UN Careers P-2 One year with possibility of extension Fixed-Term -
Associate Programme Officer, GIS & Data CCD/20/P/TEMP/04 P-2 364 days Temporary -