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At UNCCD we believe that forging a global partnership with committed stakeholders is the best way to combat land degradation and desertification and secure our land's productivity and resilience. UNCCD's stakeholders play a crucial role in implementing the Convention and achieving a brighter, land-degradation neutral future. 

Our partnership goals: 
  • focus on key themes such as climate change adaptation, land-related security and migration, increasing land and soil productivity for food security 
  • focus on practical needs such as capacity building for stakeholders, knowledge management, science, policy and planning 
  • prioritize partnerships with organizations that can leverage transformative influence and change, such as technical organizations, networks, CSOs and the private sector.  
  • move towards multi-stakeholder partnerships where an increasing number of partners work together on joint projects 
  • deliver better on existing partnership commitments 

Values and principles 

​To achieve our vision and goals without mutually renouncing independence and individual mandates and priorities, we ask our partners to embrace our values and principles: 

Urgency: We share a commitment to address critical bottlenecks and increase investment in sustainable land management (SLM). 

Equity: We share a commitment to reduce social and economic inequities associated with life in drought-prone areas and strive to ensure equity of voice and representation. 

Shared responsibility: We share a commitment to Sustainable Land Management alongside our partners and the Parties to the Convention. We all have a responsibility to make efficient, effective, and equitable use of the resources available to us. 

Inclusiveness: We welcome all those who share the vision, mission, and values of a partnership for sustainable land management – individuals and organizations, public and private, rich and poor. 

Consensus: We share a commitment to recognize the diversity of mandates and priorities of each individual partner and Party. We function through a process of consensus-building and will act in a coordinated manner based on the comparative strengths of individual partners. 

Sustainability: We share a commitment to effective and sustained action and emphasize the strengthening of national/local capacity. 

Dynamism: We share a commitment to dynamic and evolving partnerships and seek to develop innovative opportunities that enable effective action.  

The UNCCD welcomes expressions of interest from potential stakeholders. We have a track record of delivering outstanding results, and we value stakeholders' suggestions and feedback.