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Chagga home gardens multiple cropping

A Chagga home garden is a complex multi-cropping system evolved over several centuries through a gradual transformation of the natural forest. It integrates numerous multipurpose trees and shrubs with food crops and animals, without a specific spatial arrangement. However, vertically, the following 4 stories/canopies can be distinguished: (1) food crops; (2) coffee; (3) bananas; and (4) trees.

This multilayer system maximizes the use of limited land in a highly populated area, making sustained production possible with a minimum of external inputs, minimises risk (less production failure, increased resistance against droughts and pests) and ensures at the same time environmental protection.

Land use type
Mixed land
Technology group
Vegetation management
Type of land degradation addressed
Chemical soil deterioration
Soil erosion by water
Chagga homegarden