Date of Ratification
Annex I: Africa

National Focal Points

Science and Technology Correspondents

National Action Programmes

  • Tanzania, United Republic of - National Action Programme, 2000, English

Voluntary LDN Targets (Optional)

National voluntary LDN targets (original language)

LDN target at national level:
• LDN is achieved by year 2030 as compared to year 2010 and an additional 25% of the forest has improved (net gain).

LDN targets at the sub-national scale:
• LDN is achieved in the following land degradation hotspots: Dodoma, Singida, Tabora, Shinyanga and Manyara regions by 2030 as compared to 2010 additional 25% of the degraded hotspot regions has improved (net gain).

Specific LDN targets and measures based on targets to avoid, minimize and reverse land degradation:
• Restore 11,011,950 ha of forests through sustainable forest management;
• Prevent and avoid decline of land productivity of forests on 2,640,600 ha by 2030;
• Improve land productivity of shrub and grassland on 1,714,500 ha by 2030;
• Improve land productivity of croplands on 8,462,500.5 ha by 2025;
• Improve land productivity of wetlands on 361,275 ha by 2030;
• Increase soil organic carbon in cropland to 54.5tons/ha by 2030;
• Reduce soil erosion (loss of top soils) by 19tons/ha.

*An unofficial translation into English is provided for countries which articulated their targets in other languages.
  • Tanzania, United Republic of - LDN Country Commitments, 2018, English
  • Tanzania, United Republic of - LDN TSP Country Report, 2018, English

Country reports