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Curated by Inna Modja, our Goodwill Ambassador and Marco Conti Sikic, this gallery is a testament to the beauty, strength and resilience of women who, against all odds, are making remarkable strides in caring for and restoring our land.

Each image tells a story of courage and determination. From the vast deserts of China being transformed into blooming oases to the rural landscapes of Cameroon being revitalized through sustainable practices, these photographs capture the essence of their unbreakable spirit. These are women who defy norms, challenge the status quo, and are agents of change in their communities. Through their hard work and perseverance, they're showing the world the indispensable role women play in our collective fight against land degradation and climate change. Their dedication to restoring our planet serves as a beacon of hope in our shared commitment to environmental sustainability and gender equality. 

Discover the powerful stories of women around the world who are courageously fighting desertification, land degradation, and drought. These extraordinary women are not only breathing life back into the land, but they are also transforming their communities and reshaping our world. From transforming deserts into thriving oases to spearheading innovative sustainable agricultural practices, they are living proof of the resilience, strength, and unwavering determination needed to secure a more environmentally sound and equitable future. Dive into their stories, be inspired, and join the #HerLand campaign!

You are also invited to access UNCCD's interactive virtual exhibition for Desertification & Drought Day on You will be able to create a free account, then choose or create an avatar and visit the virtual space.

#HerLand video series
Her Land Episode 01: Yin Yunzhen, The Woman Who Turned Desert into Oasis
Yin Yunzhen
The Woman Who Turned Desert into Oasis
Her Land Episode 02: Suhuncam - Igniting Change in Bamunkumbit, Cameroon
Igniting Change in Bamunkumbit, Cameroon
Her Land Episode 03: Marite Alvarez - Embracing the Wisdom of Pastoral Life
Marite Alvarez
Embracing the Wisdom of Pastoral Life
Her Land Episode 04: Rjim Maatoug Women-Lead Transformation
Rjim Maatoug
Women-led Transformation
Her Land Episode 05: Boglárka Amrein Tamásné Miskolczi Ecofarm Hungary

Boglárka Amrein Tamásné Miskolczi
Ecological Farm and Bird-nest Box Station

Photos inspired by #HerLand stories

Yin Yuzhen (China)


Marité Alvarez (Argentina)

Ecological farm and bird nest box station (Hungary)
Suhucam (Cameroon)

Rjim Maatoug (Tunisia)

Women & Land photo exhibition
Women & Land - Aiyana (Alaska, USA)
Aiyana (Alaska, USA)
Women & Land - Ana (Ecuador)
Ana (Ecuador)
Women & Land - Apurii (Mongolia)
Apurii (Mongolia)
Women & Land - Aria (UEA)
Aria (UEA)
Women & Land - Bayarmaa (Mongolia)
Bayarmaa (Mongolia)
Women & Land - Chéckina (Cameroon)
Chéckina (Cameroon)
Women & Land - Faty (Mali)
Faty (Mali)
Women & Land - Habiba (Niger)
Habiba (Niger)
Women & Land - Iris (Arctic)
Iris (Arctic)
Women & Land - Isabella (Colombia)
Isabella (Colombia)
Women & Land - Kieli (Polynesia)
Kieli (Polynesia)
Women & Land - Lili (Hungary)
Lili (Hungary)
Women & Land - Maria (Bolivia)
Maria (Bolivia)
Women & Land - Mariama (Cameroon)
Mariama (Cameroon)
Women & Land - Maya (India)
Maya (India)
Women & Land - Navya (India)
Navya (India)
Women & Land - Sarangerel (Mongolia)
Sarangerel (Mongolia)