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Annex III: Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)

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Voluntary LDN Targets (Optional)

National voluntary LDN targets (original language)

Belize’s National Land Degradation Neutrality Target (LDN) is to have “no net loss for all territorial lands in all land cover classes, compared to the 2000-2015 baseline by 2030.”
Sub-national LDN targets:

  • LDN is achieved within the Belize River Watershed by 2030 as compared to the 2000-2015 baseline
  • LDN is achieved in the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts by 2030 as compared to the 2000-2015 baseline
*An unofficial translation into English is provided for countries which articulated their targets in other languages.
  • Belize - LDN country commitments, 2020, English
  • Belize - LDN TSP country report , 2020, English

Country reports