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Institute of Agroecology and Environmental Management

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Institute of Agroecology and Environmental Management
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natural resources management
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12 Metrolohichna Street
Kyiv city


 leading in Ukraine research institution for determining the scientific principles of state policy in the field of agro-ecology, environmental economics and environmental protection. The Institute is engaged in systematic observations of the natural resources agrosphere, comprehensive assessment of their condition, development of ecological and economic foundations mechanisms for implementing sustainable development of agriculture, land and rural areas, including taking into account climate change.

The Institute is the main institution Scientific and Methodological Center "Agroecology" and performs comprehensive research in all natural climatic zones of Ukraine, which include basic and applied research on agroecological monitoring, including by means of remote sensing, environmental safety, ecological and economic sphere resources assessment, study the ecological state of lands for special purposes (special commodity areas, rural areas, natural protected areas in the structure of pan-European ecological network), scientific support of agricultural production in contaminated areas and areas that have undergone anthropogenic influence others.