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President's Office Planning Commission (POPC)

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President's office Planning commission
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KSS Operational Coverage
Tanzania, United Republic of
land tenure
economic development
sustainable development
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KSS HQ Address

10 Kivukoni Road
Dar es Salaam


Roles and Functions of POPC

1. To Develop Vision and Guidelines of the National Economy
2. Economic Policy, Economic Management and Research, National Development Planning     Strategies.

  •  To assess the state of the National resources for developing and advice the Government on the efficient utilization of those resources,
  • To analyse trends in the key Economic variables including balance of payments, money supply and prices and advises the Government accordingly,
  • To analyse existing policies with the view to strengthen their implementation and to propose new policies where it is deemed necessary
  • To monitor day-to-day performance of various sectors of the economy and ensure that appropriate measurers are taken to solve any operational problems as may be detected in    those sectors,
  • To ensure guidelines on economic relations with other states and international organization
  • To develop National Demographic Strategies,
  • To issue guidelines for the formulation of the National Plan and monitor the preparation process of long-term, medium-term and short-annual plans.
  • To monitor the implementation of Government decisions on matters of planning and the management of the economy
  • To analyse any social and economic issues and recommended to the Government appropriate policies and measures to be taken in the national interest