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Independent experts nominated by country party

Abdul Sattar Larik

First name
Abdul Sattar
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Agricultural Sciences
Plant Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
Plant Breeding and Genetics
Telephone number
92 2233 433,869,870
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
* M. Sc. in Plant Breeding and Genetics, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, U.K., 1975._x000D_
* M. Sc. (Agri) Hons, Plant Breeding & Genetics, University of Sindh, Pakistan, 1968._x000D_
* B. Sc. (Agri) Hons, Plant Breeding & Genetics, University of Sindh, Pakistan, 1967.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Larik, A.S. 1975. Induced variation in quantitiative traits in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L), Genetica Agraria 29:241-250._x000D_
2. Larik, A.S. 1981. Inheritance of Chromosome Deficiency and Duplicatio in Avena Sativa L., Genetica 54:251-260._x000D_
3. Larik, A.S. 1978. Morphology and Cytology of Some Aneupliods in Avena Sativa L. Cytologia 43:695-704._x000D_
4. Larik, A.S. & Y.A. Al-Saheal 1987. Linkage Studies of hygiene with Plant Weight in Flax Genotrophs. Theor. Appl. Genetics 73:343-349._x000D_
5. Larik, A.S. & H.M.I. Hafiz 1991. Evaluation of Herbicides in Controlling Weeds and their Impact on Grain Yield in Wheat. Pak. Phyton 3:7-18.
Other activities
1. Chairman Dept. of Plant Breeding and Genetics from May 1992 to date._x000D_
2. Associate Editor, PakPhyton, an International Journal of Plant Science from 1989 to date._x000D_
3. Member Task Force Committee for Revision of Curriculum for B.Sc. and M.Sc. (Agri.) Hons. in Plant Breeding Syllabi._x000D_
4. Member various statutory bodies Sindh Agri. University Tandojam._x000D_
5. Post-graduate Supervisor for M. Phil at Sindh Agri. Univ. Tandojam and Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur.
1. Golden Star and Commendation Certificate on outstanding agri. res. by National Farrm Guide Council of Pakistan and Hamdard Foundation in 1988._x000D_
2. Gold Medal for 1994 and 1996 on outstanding performance in agricultural research by Youth Forum and Stu
Organisation name
Sindh Agriculture University
Organisation street address
Tandojam, 70060
Organisation city
Organisation country