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Independent experts nominated by country party

Anna Luise

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
and Sociology
Political Science
UN languages spoken



Geographical Focus
Desertification Unit
Telephone number
39 06 50072553
Work experience
Researcher with ENEA (1987-1999), then with APAT (1999-2007), which changed its name into ISPRA in 2008. In the last years, she has been involved in the preparation of the OECD environmental performance review, national environmental strategy for sustainable development, of the national action plan to combat desertification, and of the national communications to the UNCCD. She has taken part in several studies concerning the monitoring, assessment and mitigation of desertification and in the establishment of a set of desertification and sustainable development. she has been member of the ad hoc working group on reporting of UNCCD and of Italian delegation at CCD COP, AHWG, CRIC, technical workshops; CCD annex iv focal points and ministerial meetings; EU WPIEI desertification experts, OECD EPR. She collaborates as technical and scientific support with the Italian focal point of UNCCD. She has been reporter for the international conference on women and desertification, Beijing, 2006.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Degree in sociology obtained with first class of honors at the university of Naples, (Italy) (110/110 e lode), 1977/78
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. La Desertificazione In Italia, In Cambiamenti Climatici, Sergio Castellari Ed., In Press_x000D_
2. Conclusioni, In Conferenza Nazionale Cambiamenti Climatici. Sintesi Degli Atti, Apat,2008_x000D_
3. Sintesi Degli Eventi Preparatori: Workshop Di Alghero, 21-22 Giugno 2007, Le Variazioni Climatiche E I Processi Di Desertificazione: Verso Piani Di Monitoraggio E Strategie Di Riduzione Della Vulnerabilità E Di Adattamento”, In Conferenza Nazionale Cambiamenti Climatici. Sintesi Degli Atti, Apat 2008_x000D_
4. La Desertificazione In Italia, In Libro Bianco Sui Suoli In Italia” Apat, 2008_x000D_
5. Supporto Alla Predisposizione E Monitoraggio Delle Attività Di Regioni Ed Autorità Di Bacino Per L’implementazione Del Pan, Apat, Manuali E Linee Guida, 41 – 2006
Other activities
1. Member of the Italian national committee to combat drought and desertification_x000D_
2. National reference center for policy instruments and evaluation, state of environment reporting, soil of the EIONET network for Italy
Organisation name
Institute for Environmental Protection and Research
Organisation street address
Via Vitaliano Brancati 48, 00144
Organisation city
Organisation country