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Independent experts nominated by country party

Bernardo Zentilli

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Political Science
UN languages spoken



Job function
Free Lance Consultant
Telephone number
56 22 3435591
Work experience
- Researcher at Chilean Forest Institute, 1963-1970_x000D_
- Head of Pilot Project for National Parks and National Forest Administration_x000D_
- Head of National Parks Division_x000D_
- FAO Forestry Officer (Regional Office for Latin America)_x000D_
- FAO Environment Officer (Rome)_x000D_
- IUCN Regional Officer_x000D_
- UNEP Senior Professional Officer Forest/Mountains_x000D_
- UNCED Rio Conference - Senior Officer for Forest Matters_x000D_
- Convention to Combat Desertification (1993-1995)_x000D_
- Coordinator of Swiss-Peruvian Initiative on Forests
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Faculty of Forestry - Univ. of Chile - 1959
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Perspectivas Sobre el Medio Ambiente en America Latina Y el Caribe. Revista Carretera. Berna. Suiza._x000D_
2. Problems facing Forest Management in Africa. UNEP. Nairobi, 1987._x000D_
3. Progress made in Agenda 27 Chapter 11. Reciel. Int'l. Environmental Law and Development. 1995._x000D_
4. Trends on Cirteria and Indicators for Forest Sustainable Management. Chapter in Scope No. 58. J. Wiley and Sons, 1997.
Other activities
- Professor of Wildland Management, University of Chile_x000D_
- Administrator of Private Andean Forest/Agricultural Farm, 1960-1963_x000D_
- Coordinator of several National Praks Management Plans, 1970-1975_x000D_
- Coordinator of UNEP Project on Andean Ecosystems - Peru_x000D_
- Preparation of Forest related documents for UNCED
1. Honorary member, Pronatura - Paraguay._x000D_
2. Honorary member, Insstituto de Ecologia - Chile._x000D_
3. Chilean forest engineers assoc. for the native forest.
Organisation street address
41 Route de Veyrier, 1227
Organisation city
Organisation country