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Cezar Mamaril

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Soil Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
Senior Consultant in Soils and Agronomy
Philippine Rice Research Institute
Telephone number
63 49 536-3433
Work experience
- collaborator of IAEA using isotope P32 tagged fertilizer together with N15 in rice_x000D_
- Coordinator in the IRRI`s networkon soil fertilizer and fertilizer evaluation in rice_x000D_
- Liaison Scientist of IRRI in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei_x000D_
- Consultant of PhilRice, focusing on diagnosing multi-nutrient deficiences in irrigated rice soils using a farmer friendly technique
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Ph.D., Soil Science, Kansas State University
Number of Publications
Publication titles
-Pasture soil compaction by animal traffic, Agron. J. 51:329-331 USA, 1959_x000D_
- The effects of ammonium on the uptake of phosphorus, sulfur and rubidium by corn, Agronomy J. 62:753-758, 1970_x000D_
- The international network on soil fertiliity and fertilizer evaluation for rice, Ert. Ind. Ann Rev. 11: 177-186 (India), 1998_x000D_
- The sulfur nutrition of rice. Survey of soils of South Sulawesi, 71: 473-477, 1978_x000D_
- Influence of pre-plant moisture regime and two sulfur sources on growth, yield and sulfur uptake of rice, The Nucleus 28: 1-12 Philippines, 1990
Other activities
- Member, Soil Science of America_x000D_
- Member, American Society of Agronomy_x000D_
- Member, Crop Science Society of the Philippines_x000D_
- Member, Philippine Society of Soil Science and Technology_x000D_
- Member, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
- Honorary Fellow, Crop Science society of Philippines_x000D_
- Distinguish Alumnus of th e College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines_x000D_
- Special Recognition Award, Philippine Society of Soil Science and Technology_x000D_
- Achievement Award on Technology
Organisation name
Organisation street address
PhilRice Los Banos Branch
Organisation city
Los Banos
Organisation country