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Independent experts nominated by country party

Clara Pia Movia

First name
Clara Pia
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Plant Science
UN languages spoken



Geographical Focus
Job function
Faculty of Agriculture
Telephone number
54 1 8000/8084
Work experience
* 30 works on inventory of natural resources with its applications to forestry, environmental impact, irrigation and drainage projects, agriculture and animal husbandry, desertification, land fragility, regional planning, urbanization, evalution of risk in national praks, flood control, etc. all throughout Argentina and also Bolivia, Paraguay, Italy, Spain and Iceland._x000D_
* Direction of projects on the graduate and postgraduate level (numerous)_x000D_
* Direction of projects including field experience_x000D_
* Evaluacion de la erosion de los suelos en areas de Neuquen, Chubut y Santa Cruz, en el Proyecto INTA-FAO para el desarollo de la Patagonia, 1969/1971 - Fondo especial para la investigacion cientifica, Univ. de Buenos Aires._x000D_
* Relevamiento y cartografia de las communidades vegetales de la Depresion del Salado (Prov. de Buenos Aires-1970/1972). CONICET._x000D_
* Relevemiento y caracterizacion de los Bosques de nire con fines forestales y para la situacion de su deterioro (S.M. de los Andes, Ne
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
* Agricultural Engineer, Univ. of Buenos Aires, 1963_x000D_
* Photoforester vegetation and soils ITC Ensohede, Holland, 1969-79_x000D_
* Professor of Photo Interpretation for Natural Resources evaluation.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Ruthaatz, B. and Movia, L.P. 1975. Relevamiento y cartografia de las comunidades vegetales de las estepas andinas del Noreste de la provincia de Jujuy (Argentina) Cd. FECIC pp. 102, 3 maps, Buenos Aires, Argentina._x000D_
2. Soriano, A., Volkhoimar, W., Movia, C.F., Leon, R.J.C., Vaiter, H. 1963. Desert and demi-deserts of Patagonia in Temperate Deserts and Semi-deserts, Ecosystems of the World, N.E. West, De. Chap.17:432-460 Elsevier, Amsterdam._x000D_
3. Movia, C.P. 1986. Vegetazione de erosione in Argentina, cartografia in base fotografie seree. Documents phytosoctologiques x(2)233, Camerino, Italy._x000D_
4. Movia, C.P., Soriano, A. and Leon, R.J.C. 1987. La vegetacion de la Cuenca del Rio Sonia Cruz, Patagonia, Argentina - Darwiniana 20 (1-4) 9-78 Buenos, Aires, Argentina._x000D_
5. Movia, C.P. 1987. Metodologias aplicables a la evaluacion de la desertifcacion en la Patagonia en Metodologias regionales de evaluacion I. Zonneveld, Cd. Comahu Nat. Univ., pp.155-101, Neuquen, Argentina.
Other activities
* Consultant, Environment impact of mining activities, urbanization, marginal agriculture and forestry for private and national agencies._x000D_
* Member, Association of Agricultural Engineers_x000D_
* Member, Argentine Association of Cartography
* National Award of the Nat. Academy of Sciences. La vegetacion de la Cuenca del Rio Santa Cruz (Patagonia Argentina), 1992._x000D_
* Award, Scientific Production, Univ. of Buenos Aires, Argentina_x000D_
* Academician of the Argentine Geographic Academy, 1996.
Organisation name
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Organisation street address
4453 San Martin Ave., 1417
Organisation city
Buenos Aires
Organisation country